Friday, January 25, 2019

Basic Woogenomics and The Year (and a half) Long Break

That's Right

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Look, I know I said some bullshizzz about wanting to explore collecting other stuff but I was all like that's super dumb bro.

Baseball Cards is where it's at.... and that my friends is....


Look, I know I just said Baseball Cards is where it's at... and it is.... but in the year and a half since I've been gone, I've gotten in to a little more than baseball cards.

I became the proud owner of some really nice sports memorabilia.  Stuff I would consider Hall of Fame display worthy for sure!  On top of that I've had some epic runs in the last year and a half and have pulled some freaking monsters!

Want a little taste?  Here I am busting a box of 2018 Triple Threads

Now I know what everyone is thinking...

How you gonna just cannon ball back in to our lives and not explain what the heck's been going on the last 18 months or so!?

And I will!  It's called content people....  Stay tuned if you want to know...

Where's Woogie Been?
What new dope shiz did he pull and or acquire?
Sup with his babies and babies mama?  Are they still incredible?!?
What crazzziiieee tales does he have in store??

All in due time my babies... All in due time.

Now for one last update before I sign off...  I alluded earlier that I went on some crazy streaks.  I'll go in to great detail about my most recent one and truth be told I could still be in the middle of it for all I know.  Proof of my point being this friggin sweet ass nasty patch having card right here that I just won in a 100 spot line straight fill.  At $2 a spot I put down a $40 and got spots 7 through 26.  Normally I never drop that much on a line ever but I've wanted this card or a variation of it from other products for a loooooong time.  I can't believe I pulled it out.

Welcome to the collection boys!!!

2003 Upper Deck SPX Combos Lou Gehrig Cal Ripken Jr. Dual Jersey Patch /90

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(This is a stock photo, the image of my card is on my phone and i'm being lazy.  I'll post the real deal later when I have it in hand.)

Feels good to get a new post in.  I'll be back again later.

Until next time, thanks for reading.


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