Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen Box Break... and review

Aww yeah... what's up friends!?!

It's been a little bit since I last touched base with the blog and i've got a back log of things to talk about, but instead of just over whelming my tens of readers, i've decided to space it out and make each one it's own post... so with that being said be on the look out for more updates on Lineage, the Man Cave, and whatever else I feel like talking about.

It feels good to get back behind the keyboard here for something else besides work!  I thought of at least a half dozen ways to start this off...  my first thought was to go all gangster and just come out all like "LOOK WHO'S BACK IN THE MUTHA F**K'N HOUSE!!!", but that ain't me baby. 

Then I thought it would be great if I could some how have music start up when you opened the blog... like Stone Cold Steve Austins shattering glass music when he's about to enter the ring... and in my head the ring side commentators are all like... "Do you hear that??? That's Woogs Blog Music... what's he doing in the building... I thought he was dead!!!", but then I realized I was a bigger WCW fan and thats more of a WWF thing, plus the whole playing music when you opened the blog wouldn't work... and i'm positive not one of my dozen fans would get it.

So here I am with no flashy enterance... just a busted box of Gypsy Queen... but somehow I think you'll be more interested in that then my weird train of thought.

So if you're still reading then here goes...

WOOGIES 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Box Break

I missed the boat on this last year and from what I've heard it's lost a little something with a larger production run and less odd ball cards.  I paid $105 for the box and got lucky with what I consider a bonus hit.  The box garauntees 2 on card Autos and 2 relics.  I also got about 4 loose packs first in order to determine if I'd like to buy a whole box and in the 4 packs I pulled a hit, so I decided to go ahead and get a box as well... so you'll see that I have more hits then promised and this is why.

Out of the unopened box I only got 5 duplicates... which isn't bad when you're getting 10 cards per pack and 24 packs per box.  Good job Topps!  I've recently done some reading up on all the short prints that were announced and I'll have to update you all on that because I didn't look too hard to see if I got any.  Here are the main highlights of my box break (and 4 extra packs I picked up first).

I'll start with the Insert Sets.  They have 3 main sets that include Moon Shots based on Home Run hitters, Sliding Stars based on base stealers, and lastly Glove Stories based on memorable catches.  Here is what I got from those sub sets.

Moon Shots.  Total Cards 10.

I got some great Stars in this set including Babe Ruth and Pujols. From Top to Bottom and left to right. McCovey, Ruth, Howard, Longoria, Fielder, Pujols, Stanton, Kiner, Thomas, and Belle.

Sliding Stars. Total Cards 9

(sorry the pic didn't come out great... some I know and some I can't tell but here's who I got)
Reyes, N.Morgan, Castro, Pedroia, Gordon, Kinsler, Kemp, Braun, and J.Weeks

Glove Stories. 4 Total Cards.

These include E.Chaves, B.Revere, J.Francoeur, and J.Hamilton (my fav in the group)

Lastly as far as sub sets go I got a Gypsy King Card. These are tough pulls and come 1 per every 2 Boxes.  Check out mine...

These cards amuse me to say the least...

Here are the mini cards I hit.  You get a 7 card mini box as the box topper with every box you purchase and one per pack.  Here are the highlights of the minis.

10 total cards with either the Gypsy Queen or Straight Cut backs

Below are the cards I pulled from the box topper mini box.

The black parallels in the bottom come 1 per every 12 packs and the green is 1 per box.  Mine happens to be a Koufax... very nice!  You also get a mini version of a sub set card and I pulled a Griffey Glove Stories that I love as well as a Frank Robinson Moon Shot that I also like a lot.  The card in the top left is a rookie card numbered to 99.

I don't know much about him, but his last name is Parker and he plays for the A's.

Maybe he'll be a stud and this will be the best card of the box.

Speaking of numbered cards I also pulled a pair of Blue Framed cards numbered to 599.

Chipper Jones on the left and Mike Napoli on the right.

and now finally... the hits!

My box yielded a Marlon Byrd auto and a Trevor Cahill auto, a Brian McCann Jersey Relic, and a David Freese mini relic.  In the 4 packs I picked up before the box I pulled the Longoria Jersey card as well.  My bonus hit is the middle card on the bottom row which happens to be a Jeff Niemann mini Printing Plate stamped 1/1!  Of all the relics my favorite has to be the David Freese card... its just plain filthy... litterally! Check it...

The photo doesn't do it justice, but there is dirt all over this swatch!  Just makes you feel that much closer to the game! 

In the end I really enjoyed my box of Gypsy Queen, and while I didn't pull any "Monster" hits I was very happy with my results.  All cards are up for trade if you saw something you have to have.  Hit me up!

Till next time...