Gone But Not Forgotten: Cards Lost In Trades

The point of starting this blog was to get back those original Lost Cards I was forced to sell when my wife and I were first married and so cash poor that had I not sold those 13 of my very best cards at the time we would have failed to pay atleast 2 different utility bills.  My collection has grown by leeps and bounds since that time (and my wife and I have been financially stable ever since).  I've loved all of the cards in my collection and have erected this page to establish the fact that at one time these cards in fact belonged to me.  I will however not attempt to get them back (I think...) 

So with out further mention here they are...

The "Gone but not forgotten cards"

Topps 206 Sean Rodriguez American Caramel Auto (pictured bottom... top 2 cards not in trade but available to anyone who is interested)

Just the Sasaki relic card.

(non auto version - original photo not found)

Cards given away to friends...

That's a total of 40 42 47 I've lost track of the number of cards I've given up in trades, but i've got them all recorded in photos!  Some much more painful then others but I'll always remember them as being in my collection!  More to come I'm sure!

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