2011 Topps Lineage Project

Below is the complete and extensive checklist for the 2011 Topps Lineage Set.  I will note which cards I have and which I need.  I look forward to all future trades and offers to help me achieve this ultimate goal!

Base Set Checklist and Parallels

NOTE: I already have a complete Base Set.  I'm now collecting each cards Parallel.  I will denote the Parallels that I already have with a single letter. ()=Cards I haven't gotten yet but am adding towards my total numbers.

D = Diamond Parallel 57/200

P = Platinum Parallel 54/200

# = 1975 Mini Parallel 56/200

Base Set

1 Sandy Koufax: D #
2 Derek Jeter: # P 
3 Jimmie Foxx
4 Buster Posey: P 
5 Felix Hernandez
6 Carlos Beltran: P D
7 Mickey Mantle
8 Francisco Liriano: D #
9 Matt Holliday: P #
10 Jim Palmer: P D 
11 Ryan Zimmerman
12 Elvis Andrus: # 
13 Cal Ripken, Jr.
14 Kendry Morales: P D
15 Curtis Granderson: D #
16 Walter Johnson: #
17 Billy Butler: D P 
18 Brett Anderson: P 
19 Larry Walker: P D #
20 Justin Morneau
21 Edinson Volquez: P D
22 Johan Santana: P D 
23 Carlos Zambrano: P 
24 Tsuyoshi Nishioka RC: D 
25 Whitey Ford: P 
26 Grady Sizemore
27 George Sisler: P D #
28 Aramis Ramirez
29 Chris Sale: D 
30 Chase Utley: P  
31 Jeremy Hellickson: D
32 Jon Lester
33 Tony Perez: P 
34 Kyle Drabek: P 
35 Hanley Ramirez: P D #
36 Michael Young
37 Justin Upton
38 Chris Carpenter
39 Ricky Romero: P D 
40 Stan Musial: # P D
41 Vladimir Guerrero
42 Jackie Robinson
43 Victor Martinez: P # 
44 Jay Bruce: # 
45 Ryan Howard
46 Logan Morrison : # P
47 Lance Berkman: # 
48 Carlton Fisk: # D P
49 Matt Kemp: # 
50 Lou Gehrig
51 Hunter Pence: D 
52 Andre Dawson: D 
53 Mike Schmidt: P 
54 Alfonso Soriano
55 Nolan Ryan: # 
56 Shane Victorino
57 Willie McCovey
58 Gordon Beckham
59 Duke Snider : #
60 Reggie Jackson
61 Zach Britton RC
62 Adrian Beltre: # 
63 Ubaldo Jimenez
64 Joe Morgan: # 
65 Josh Johnson: D
66 Andrew McCutchen: D P 
67 Nelson Cruz: D # 
68 Alexei Ramirez: #
69 Jayson Werth: # 
70 Carlos Santana: P 
71 Kurt Suzuki
72 Rickie Weeks: # 
73 Brandon Morrow: P 
74 Brooks Robinson
75 Alex Rodriguez: # 
76 Roberto Alomar
77 David Wright: D 
78 Dan Uggla
79 Carl Crawford
80 Troy Tulowitzki: D 
81 Manny Ramirez
82 Ike Davis
83 Adam Wainwright
84 Clayton Kershaw: # 
85 Al Kaline: # 
86 Carlos Gonzalez
87 David Ortiz: # 
88 David Price: P 
89 Eddie Murray: # 
90 Tris Speaker: # 
91 Brent Morel: # D 
92 Clay Buchholz: # 
93 Roy Oswalt: # 
94 John Smoltz: # 
95 Johnny Mize: # 
96 Jason Bay: P # 
97 Aaron Hill
98 Evan Longoria: P 
99 Honus Wagner: D # 
100 Babe Ruth: D 
101 Madison Bumgarner
102 Cole Hamels: # D P
103 Joey Votto: P 
104 Miguel Montero: # D P
105 Ty Cobb: # P
106 Cy Young: D # 
107 Chad Billingsley: P
108 Hank Aaron
109 Mat Latos: # 
110 Thurman Munson: #
111 Neil Walker: D 
112 Johnny Cueto: # 
113 Trevor Cahill
114 Dustin Pedroia
115 Chipper Jones: P 
116 Pedro Alvarez: # 
117 Torii Hunter 
118 Todd Helton
119 Matt Cain
120 Ichiro: # 
121 Roy Halladay
122 Paul O'Neill: P 
123 Andre Ethier: P 
124 Franklin Gutierrez: # P 
125 Mark Teixeira
126 Shin-Soo Choo
127 Orlando Hudson: D 
128 Vernon Wells
129 Jason Heyward
130 Joe Mauer: # 
131 Carlos Lee
132 Nick Markakis: P # 
133 Zack Greinke: D P
134 John Danks: D P 
135 Tim Lincecum: P D
136 Starlin Castro: D # 
137 Johnny Bench
138 Prince Fielder: D 
139 Michael Pineda RC
140 Albert Belle
141 Ozzie Smith: # 
142 Dan Haren: P 
143 Miguel Cabrera
144 Roy Campanella: # 
145 Adrian Gonzalez
146 Freddie Freeman RC: D
147 Ryan Braun
148 Aroldis Chapman: # P D 
149 Kevin Youkilis
150 Robinson Cano: D 
151 Johnny Damon: D 
152 Ian Kennedy
153 B.J. Upton: D 
154 Fergie Jenkins
155 Bob Gibson: D
156 Austin Jackson: P D 
157 Wandy Rodriguez: P D 
158 Monte Irvin: D 
159 Yonder Alonso
160 Stephen Strasburg: P
161 Luis Aparicio: D 
162 Brandon Belt RC: P
163 Jered Weaver: P 
164 Brandon Beachy RC
165 Jose Reyes: P D
166 Yovani Gallardo: D 
167 Corey Hart
168 Delmon Young: D 
169 Cliff Lee: P 
170 Tom Seaver
171 Ryne Sandberg
172 Jose Bautista: P 
173 Adam Dunn: # P 
174 Adam Jones: P #
175 CC Sabathia: D 
176 Miguel Tejada
177 Phil Hughes
178 Albert Pujols: D 
179 Jake McGee: D 
180 Marlon Byrd
181 Frank Thomas: D 
182 Frank Robinson: D 
183 Brian McCann: P D
184 Josh Hamilton: P 
185 Ian Kinsler
186 Mel Ott
187 Justin Verlander
188 Daniel Hudson: D 
189 Jaime Garcia
190 Bert Blyleven
191 Johnny Bench All-RC
192 Willie McCovey All-RC: P
193 Joe Morgan All-RC:
194 Cal Ripken, Jr. All-RC: # D
195 Chipper Jones All-RC
196 Ichiro All-RC:
197 Andre Dawson All-RC: D
198 Andruw Jones All-RC: D
199 CC Sabathia All-RC
200 Tom Seaver All-RC

2011 Topps Lineage Inserts Check List:


This 25-card partial-parallel is based on the Topps Venezuelan parallel sets of the 1950s and 60s.

TV1 Derek Jeter
TV2 Buster Posey
TV3 Felix Hernandez
TV4 Ryan Zimmerman
TV5 Chris Carpenter
TV6 Josh Johnson
TV7 Andrew McCutchen
TV8 Carlos Santana
TV9 David Wright
TV10 Troy Tulowitzki
TV11 Clayton Kershaw
TV12 David Price
TV13 Chipper Jones
TV14 Ichiro
TV15 Mark Teixeira
TV16 Jason Heyward
TV17 Joe Mauer
TV18 Starlin Castro
TV19 Adrian Gonzalez
TV20 Ryan Braun
TV21 Cliff Lee
TV22 Jose Bautista
TV23 Adam Dunn
TV24 Albert Pujols
TV25 Ian Kinsler

Topps Giants

Based on the 1964 Topps Giants set, these 20 cards have been inserted into each Hobby box as a box loader. Each card measures 3 1/8" X 5 1/4", the original size of the '64 cards. Each Giant card was also made available in a relic version. The Giant Relics are all serial-numbered to 64 copies.

NOTE: I don't own any of the relic versions, but am attempting to collect them as well.  I will denote any Relic Versions I receive with a Letter "R".


TG1 Albert Pujols
TG2 Buster Posey
TG3 Jason Heyward
TG4 Joe Mauer
TG5 Derek Jeter
TG6 Roy Halladay
TG7 Joey Votto
TG8 Ichiro
TG9 Miguel Cabrera
TG10 Mike Stanton
TG11 Adrian Gonzalez
TG12 Josh Hamilton
TG13 Evan Longoria: R
TG14 Tim Lincecum
TG15 David Wright
TG16 Ryan Braun
TG17 Hanley Ramirez
TG18 Troy Tulowitzki
TG19 Carlos Santana
TG20 Vladimir Guerrero

Topps 3D
This 25-card set is based on the 1968 Topps 3-D set. Please note that these cards are blank on the back and are NOT sequentially-numbered. 

Each card is also available in an "Linegraph" parallel. The fronts of the Linegraphs do not have the player's name or position and the backs have the following text on the back:

This is an experimental LINEAGRAPH
not intended for release.
To be Returned to:

The Topps Company, Inc.
1 Whitehall Street
New York, New York 10004

Each Linegraph is serial-numbered to 99 with a red-back one-of-one parallel also available.
T3D1 Ichiro
T3D2 Buster Posey
T3D3 Ryan Howard
T3D4 Mark Teixeira
T3D5 Joe Mauer
T3D6 Ryan Braun
T3D7 Carlos Gonzalez
T3D8 Joey Votto
T3D9 Adrian Gonzalez
T3D10 Alex Rodriguez
T3D11 David Wright
T3D12 Carl Crawford
T3D13 Miguel Cabrera
T3D14 Chase Utley
T3D15 Evan Longoria
T3D16 Jason Heyward
T3D17 Kendry Morales
T3D18 Shin-Soo Choo
T3D19 Hanley Ramirez
T3D20 Josh Hamilton
T3D21 Justin Upton
T3D22 Troy Tulowitzki
T3D23 Hunter Pence
T3D24 Derek Jeter
T3D25 Albert Pujols

Cloth Stickers
These 50 stickers are based on the extremely rare 1972 Topps Cloth Sticker set.
TCS1 Sandy Koufax
TCS2 Derek Jeter
TCS3 Buster Posey
TCS4 Felix Hernandez
TCS6 Cal Ripken Jr.
TCS7 Whitey Ford 
TCS8 George Sisler
TCS9 Hanley Ramirez
TCS10 Stan Musial
TCS11 Jackie Robinson
TCS12 Ryan Howard
TCS13 Lou Gehrig
TCS14 Hunter Pence
TCS15 Mike Schmidt
TCS16 Nolan Ryan
TCS17 Duke Snider
TCS18 Reggie Jackson
TCS19 Alex Rodriguez
TCS20 David Wright
TCS21 Carl Crawford
TCS22 Troy Tulowitzki
TCS23 Victor Martinez
TCS24 Al Kaline
TCS25 Carlos Gonzalez
TCS26 Eddie Murray
TCS27 Tris Speaker
TCS28 Evan Longoria
TCS29 Honus Wagner
TCS30 Babe Ruth
TCS31 Joey Votto
TCS32 Ty Cobb
TCS33 Cy Young
TCS34 Hank Aaron
TCS35 Chipper Jones
TCS36 Ichiro
TCS37 Roy Halladay
TCS38 Jason Heyward
TCS39 Joe Mauer
TCS40 Tim Lincecum
TCS41 Johnny Bench
TCS42 Miguel Cabrera
TCS43 Adrian Gonzalez
TCS44 Ryan Braun
TCS45 Robinson Cano
TCS46 Bob Gibson
TCS47 Tom Seaver
TCS48 Ryne Sandberg
TCS49 Albert Pujols
TCS50 Josh Hamilton

Topps Rookies
Based on the "Topps Rookie" inserts of the late-80s/early-90s, this 19-card set features all the top rookies of 2011. Card number 15 was not produced.
TR1 Freddie Freeman
TR2 Chris Sale
TR3 Brent Morel
TR4 Aroldis Chapman
TR5 Jeremy Hellickson
TR6 Jake McGee
TR7 Kyle Drabek
TR8 Craig Kimbrel
TR9 Mike Minor
TR10 Zach Britton
TR11 Brandon Belt
TR12 Brandon Beachy
TR13 Michael Pineda
TR14 Tsuyoshi Nishioka
TR16 Hank Conger
TR17 Domonic Brown
TR18 JP Arencibia
TR19 Corey Luebke
TR20 Brett Wallace

Topps Stand Ups
Patterned after a 1964 set, these 25 die-cut cards are designed to be displayed when folded in half.

TS1 Jose Bautista
TS2 Ryan Zimmerman
TS3 Albert Pujols
TS4 Felix Hernandez
TS5 Tim Lincecum
TS6 Ryan Howard
TS7 Mariano Rivera
TS8 Jason Heyward
TS9 Ryan Braun
TS10 Hunter Pence
TS11 Miguel Cabrera
TS12 Adam Dunn
TS13 Kevin Youkilis
TS14 Joey Votto
TS15 Carlos Gonzalez
TS16 Mike Stanton
TS17 Matt Kemp
TS18 Joe Mauer
TS19 Alex Rodriguez
TS20 Roy Halladay
TS21 Brooks Robinson
TS22 Hank Aaron
TS23 Mickey Mantle
TS24 Juan Marichal
TS25 Sandy Koufax

2011 Topps Lineage Relic Checklist

1975 Mini Relics
This 99-card relic set is designed after the 1975 Topps Mini set. Each card measures 2 1/8" X 3 1/4". Parallels include Canary which are serial-numbered to 10.


75R-ADU Adam Dunn JERSEY
75R-AB Adrian Beltre JERSEY
75R-AK Al Kaline BAT
75R-ABE Albert Belle BAT
75R-ARO Alex Rodriguez JERSEY
75R-ARA Alexei Ramirez JERSEY
75R-AS Alfonso Soriano JERSEY
75R-AD Andre Dawson JERSEY
75R-AE Andre Ethier JERSEY
75R-AM Andrew McCutchen BAT or JERSEY
75R-AP Albert Pujols JERSEY
75R-AR Aramis Ramirez JERSEY
75R-AJ Austin Jackson BAT
75R-?? Babe Ruth BAT
75R-BU B.J. Upton JERSEY
75R-BG Bob Gibson JERSEY
75R-BMC Brian McCann JERSEY
75R-BR Brooks Robinson JERSEY
75R-BP Buster Posey JERSEY
75R-CR Cal Ripken Jr. JERSEY
75R-?? Carlos Beltran JERSEY
75R-?? Carlos Gonzalez JERSEY
75R-CL Carlos Lee JERSEY
75R-?? Carlton Fisk
75R-?? CC Sabathia JERSEY
75R-?? Chipper Jones JERSEY
75R-?? Chris Carpenter JERSEY
75R-?? Clay Buchholz JERSEY
75R-?? Clayton Kershaw JERSEY
75R-?? Dan Uggla JERSEY
75R-DO David Ortiz JERSEY
75R-?? David Price JERSEY
75R-?? David Wright JERSEY
75R-?? Duke Snider BAT
75R-DPE Dustin Pedroia BAT
75R-?? Eddie Murray JERSEY
75R-?? Edinson Volquez JERSEY
75R-?? Elvis Andrus JERSEY
75R-?? Evan Longoria JERSEY
75R-FH Felix Hernandez JERSEY
75R-?? Fergie Jenkins JERSEY
75R-?? Frank Thomas JERSEY
75R-?? Grady Sizemore JERSEY
75R-?? Hank Aaron JERSEY
75R-?? Honus Wagner BAT
75R-?? Ian Kinsler JERSEY
75R-?? Ichiro JERSEY
75R-?? Ike Davis BAT or JERSEY
75R-?? Jared Weaver JERSEY
75R-?? Jason Bay JERSEY
75R-?? Jason Heyward JERSEY
75R-JB Jay Bruce BAT
75R-?? Jayson Werth JERSEY
75R-?? Jim Palmer
75R-?? Joe Mauer JERSEY
75R-JV Joey Votto JERSEY
75R-?? John Smoltz JERSEY
75R-?? Johnny Bench JERSEY
75R-?? Johnny Cueto JERSEY
75R-?? Johnny Mize BAT
75R-?? Jose Bautista
75R-JRE Jose Reyes BAT or JERSEY
75R-?? Josh Johnson JERSEY
75R-?? Justin Upton JERSEY
75R-?? Justin Verlander JERSEY
75R-KY Kevin Youkilis JERSEY
75R-?? Kosuke Fukudome JERSEY
75R-?? Madison Bumgarner JERSEY
75R-?? Marlon Byrd JERSEY
75R-?? Matt Cain JERSEY
75R-MK Matt Kemp JERSEY
75R-?? Mel Ott JERSEY
75R-MM Mickey Mantle BAT
75R-?? Miguel Cabrera JERSEY
75R-?? Mike Schmidt BAT
75R-?? Nelson Cruz JERSEY
75R-?? Nolan Ryan JERSEY
75R-?? Ozzie Smith BAT
75R-?? Prince Fielder JERSEY
75R-RJ Reggie Jackson JERSEYs
75R-?? Ricky Romero JERSEY
75R-?? Roy Campanella
75R-?? Ryan Braun JERSEY
75R-?? Ryan Zimmerman JERSEY
75R-?? Sandy Koufax JERSEY
75R-SV Shane Victorino JERSEY
75R-?? Stan Musial BAT
75R-?? Starlin Castro JERSEY
75R-?? Stephen Strasburg JERSEY
75R-TL Tim Lincecum JERSEY
75R-?? Todd Helton JERSEY
75R-?? Tony Perez BAT
75R-VW Vernon Wells JERSEY
75R-?? Victor Martinez JERSEY
75R-?? Wandy Rodriguez JERSEY
75R-?? Whitey Ford JERSEY
75R-?? Willie McCovey BAT
75R-WM Willie McCovey JERSEY
75R-?? Yovani Gallardo JERSEY

60th Anniversary Jumbo Relics
This Hobby Exclusive set features a jumbo-sized relic in the shape of the number 60. Each card is serial-numbered to only 25 copies, with a Patch version (also Hobby only) serial-numbered to five.

AJR-1 Nolan Ryan
AJR-2 Brooks Robinson
AJR-3 Mike Mussina
AJR-4 Roberto Alomar
AJR-5 Elvis Andrus
AJR-6 Billy Butler
AJR-7 Matt Cain
AJR-8 Shin-Soo Choo
AJR-9 Willie McCovey
AJR-10 Jacoby Ellsbury
AJR-11 Vladimir Guerrrero
AJR-12 Tommy Hanson
AJR-13 Cliff Lee
AJR-14 Reggie Jackson
AJR-15 Eddie Murray
AJR-16 David Ortiz
AJR-17 Carlos Zambrano
AJR-18 Johan Santana
AJR-19 John Smoltz
AJR-20 Willie Stargell
AJR-21 Justin Upton
AJR-22 Robin Yount
AJR-23 Joba Chamberlain
AJR-24 Todd Helton
AJR-25 Joe Torre

2011 Topps Lineage Autographs

Autographed Reprints

76 players have signed (on-card) their autographs on reprints of classic Topps cards. The checklist is skewed towards players who appeared in the 1952 Topps set. Each card is also available in a Hobby-exclusive Canary Diamond parallel, serial-numbered to 10 copies.
RA-AD Al Dark
RA-AK Al Kaline
RA-AS Al Schoendienst
RA-BA Bob Addis EXCH
RA-BB Bob Borkowski
RA-BD Bob Del Greco
RA-BF Bob Friend
RA-BK Bob Kelly
RA-BK Bob Kuzava
RA-BM Bobby Morgan
RA-BMI Bob Miller
RA-BP Billy Pierce
RA-BS Bobby Shantz
RA-BU Bob Usher
RA-CB Cloyd Boyer
RA-CC Cliff Chambers
RA-CD Chuck Diering
RA-CE Carl Erskine
RA-CS Charlie Silvera
RA-CSI Curt Simmons
RA-DC Del Crandall
RA-DG Dick Groat
RA-DGE Dick Gernert
RA-DL Don Lenhardt
RA-DP Duane Pillette EXCH
RA-DS Duke Snider
RA-DW Dick Williams
RA-EE Ed Erautt
RA-ER Eddie Robinson
RA-EY Eddie Yost
RA-FJ Fergie Jenkins
RA-GC Gil Coan
RA-GH Grady Hatton EXCH
RA-GS George Spencer EXCH
RA-GZ George Zuverink
RA-HA Hank Aaron
RA-HJ Howie Judson
RA-HP Harry Perkowski EXCH
RA-ID Ivan Delock
RA-IN Irv Noren
RA-JA Joe Astroth
RA-JAN John Antonelli
RA-JC Jerry Coleman
RA-JD Joe DeMaestri
RA-JG Johnny Groth
RA-JGA Joe Garagiola
RA-JM Joe Morgan
RA-JM Joe Morgan
RA-JP Joe Presko
RA-JP Johnny Pesky
RA-JS John Smoltz
RA-LB Lou Brissie
RA-LS Lou Sleater
RA-MB Matt Batts EXCH
RA-MG Myron Ginsberg EXCH
RA-MI Monte Irvin
RA-NG Ned Garver
RA-NR Nolan Ryan EXCH
RA-OM Orestes Minoso
RA-RA Roberto Alomar
RA-RB Rocky Bridges EXCH
RA-RBR Ralph Branca
RA-RH1 Roy Halladay
RA-RH2 Roy Hartsfield
RA-RJ Randy Jackson
RA-RS Roy Smalley
RA-RSI Roy Sievers
RA-SK Sandy Koufax EXCH
RA-SMU Stan Musial
RA-TBA Tony Bartirome
RA-TL Ted Lepcio
RA-VL Vern Law
RA-VT Virgil Trucks
RA-WT Wayne Terwilliger
RA-WW Wally Westlake EXCH
RA-YB Yogi Berra

1952 Autographs

Ten current players had a sticker autograph affixed to a card based on the 1952 Topps design. Each card is also available in a Hobby-exclusive Canary Diamond parallel, serial-numbered to 10 copies.

52A-BP Buster Posey
52A-BL Brandon League
52A-CM Charlie Morton
52A-CB Clay Buchholz
52A-DD David DeJesus
52A-FR Fernando Rodney
52A-FF Freddie Freeman
52A-GS Gabby Sanchez
52A-ID Ike Davis
52A-JM Jason Motte
52A-JB John Buck
52A-JG Jonny Gomes
52A-LM Logan Morrison
52A-MB Madison Bumgarner
52A-MBY Marlon Byrd
52A-MH Matt Harrison
52A-MM Michael Morse
52A-MS Mike Stanton
52A-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
52A-SV Shane Victorino EXCH
52A-TW Ty Wigginton
52A-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez

Auto Reprints (Modern)
  • Andrew McCutchen
  • Pablo Sandoval
  • Ian Kinsler
  • Fausto Carmona
  • Daniel Hudson
                                                    Total Collection Complete:

Master Set (Including: Base, Diamond, Platinum, 75mini, ClothStickers, Venezualen, 3D, Jumbo, StandUps,and Rookies)

47.51% Complete


  1. I saw your comment on my blog. Shoot me an email - maybe we could work out a trade as I'm only trying to complete a couple of the insert sets and the Reds parallels. I'm positive I have some you need if you can help me out!

  2. Give me a buzz when you have a chance to talk lineage.
    Office: 913-422-1232
    or my cell: 816-868-5296
    Thx Jerry

  3. I have a bunch of the cards you are looking for
    TG9 Miguel Cabrera
    75R-?? Yovani Gallardo JERSEY
    TS1 Jose Bautista
    TCS47 Tom Seaver
    TCS21 Carl Crawford
    TCS24 Al Kaline
    197 Andre Dawson All-RC: D
    T3D10 Alex Rodriguez
    173 Adam Dunn: #
    124 Franklin Gutierrez: #
    178 Albert Pujols: P
    127 Orlando Hudson: D
    136 Starlin Castro: D
    35 Hanley Ramirez: P
    21 Edinson Volquez: D
    181 Frank Thomas: D

    send me an email: JeffreyTomanesq@gmail.com

  4. I have not received a single email from you concerning the lineage cards. I have continued to grow my complete complete set also and may have additional cards to help you out with yours.
    If i do not receive some form of contact from you expressing your interest in the cards, they will be traded off to another Lineage guy.

    My email is jeffreytomanesq@gmail.com.

    has anyone gotten a response? or am i the ugly girl at the dance?

  5. I recently opened a pack that contained a printing plate marked 1/1 Orlando Hudson - Card # 127. There is no special notation on this plate other than the 1 of 1 and there is no mention anywhere that these printing plate cards are included in the packs. Can you update me on this card?

    1. Thanks for checking out my site. The printing plates were announced as possible pulls and they fell 1 per 925 packs. So excellent pull! I believe there are 4 different plates per card. Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. Based on what I know I don't think they notated what type of plate you got... however I assume you can figure that out just by looking at it. Hudson is a nice player with a couple All Stars and a few Gold Gloves, but has played for 6 different teams which might limit the amount of people who collect him. You may be able to get $20 for the card. He had an 06 Allen and Ginter PP sell for $50. That might be the high water mark for a player like him. Did you pull anything on my want list by the way?? Up for a trade?

    2. I would love to purchase the Hudson lineage printing plate.
      Please contact me.





    3. Interested in Hudson plate.

      Please contact me.


  6. I have a mini David Ortiz sparkle #d/10. What do you know?

  7. Does anyone have the Carl Erskine Gold Canary Diamond? I would like to work something out for this one? Thanks