Monday, April 22, 2013

Radio Silence

I'm still interested in this blog damn it!

I've got about 10 or 11 relic cards i've pulled lately and want to share with you...


My wife is due to have our baby girl any day now and it's all I can think about these days.  I've never been more distracted.

Case in point...

I'm not looking forward to anything new coming out this year.  For the first time in god knows how long I find myself not on the edge of my seat with a wish list of what cards i'd like to pull.

Shits crazy....

I just can't wait to be a Dad.

I'll be back on the blog in due time... and when I do...

Lets just say you bess do some eyeball training.

Talk with ya'll sooner than later.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Long time no talk

Radio Silence...

Sorry bout it.  My wife and I are expecting our little girl in the next 2 weeks.  She is measuring well ahead of that and in all reality could come any day.  That fact combined with the fact that my wife is an accountant and has been in the middle of tax season while nearing the end of her pregnancy has left me little time for blogging or baseball cards.

Gypsy Queen came out... bought none of it.

Tribute came out... bought none of it.

I have watched some box breaks on the youtube and have lived vicariously through other collectors.  But thats about the extent of it.

The coolest thing I can say as of late is I bought a couple rack packs of 2013 Series one and hit a Mike Trout Bat card.  I'll post an update of all new hits I acquired in the last couple months.

The one cool thing i've done lately is to have the bar top get resin coats.  My buddy told me he'd have it for about a month.  Can't wait to see the final product!  Expect some pics.

Next time I write you can be assured I'll be a Daddy.

Thanks for reading!  Sorry for the lack of writing.  Till Next Time.