Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winner Winner

I'd like to thank Eutaw Street Cardboard and Mariner1 for being the first to answer my question about what movie the line "Can't rain all the time" came from.  While Kirk was my actual winner I decided that our professional relationship disqualified him... you know... like you can't win the radio station contest if your brother works there or some shiz.  (although I still kinda hooked him up)

So I decided to make Mariner1 the winner and hook him up with some schwag from the Cave.  I really didn't have any idea what I was going to give out and after seeing that my winner has a blog dedicated to cards from 1979 and is a big Mariners fan I decided that would be the basis of my prize...

So my new friend Mariner1... Here is your prize(s)!

A slew of 79 Topps including 2 "Who the fug are they?" Mariners cards as well as respectable players such as Sutton, Niekro, Seaver, and Murphy.
As well as...
A few more 79 cards featuring McCovey, Ryan, and Carew and 1 more "Who the fug are they?" Mariners Prospects.
Top that off with...
A sweet King Felix Tribute card and a Gold Parallel Jose Vidro card
but the top prize will be this gem...
Randy Johnson game used jersey picture stand.  Can't remember where I picked this up but it's cool enough to put on your desk at work or on a shelf in the basement.  Either way... enjoy my friend!
Till next time...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Can't rain all the time...

YAY! My first contest for my loyal fan base of a couple dozen! 
So a while back my buddy Rob scored a pair of club level seats to yesterdays game and asked me if I wanted to go since he knows how much I love dem O's.  He being a Philly fan decided it would be best to go to a Baltimore game with a legit fan and I was apparently the first person he thought of.  I hadn't seen Rob in over a year as it was so I jumped at the opportunity and he met me at my house early Sunday morning.  
We went down to a light rail station outside of Towson and took it in to Baltimore and got to the stadium nice and early.  The goal was to see batting practice, but they never took the field in anticipation of the weather.  Now I knew we were expecting some rain... but I didn't think it would be any type of weather that would postpone the game.  So since we were super early and didn't have batting practice to watch we headed up to the new center field bar and got a nice early morning beverage!

Rob and I mean muggin at the Center Field Bar... The place was awesome and has a great view looking out over Left Center Field to the left of the Center Field Score Board.
Go ahead... Check out the view... Drink it in...

While your having a drink of Baltimore's finest brew...
Natty Boh of course!
So we chilled at the bar and got some food as well until we decided to grab our seats.  I didn't realize how great the seats were since I usually sit up where nose bleeds occur all too often, but was pleasantly surprised when I realized we had to walk through club level where all the corporate fat cats go to sit in their box seats.  We made it to our section and had the two end seats in the second row... Prime foul ball territory.  I was jacked and ready for a good game and was hoping upon hope that I'd get the chance at my first foul ball.
Which would explain why I missed the rolling storm clouds right above my head.  Needless to say the game's start time came and went and they announced a delay as their radar showed in coming storm clouds.
No big deal... Right???
About 5 minutes after the game should've began a light rain started to fall...
That's cool I thought... 30 minutes this thing'll pass and were playing ball!
Over an hour in to our delay... and boom...
Boo!  Note this was a day game.  This was about 2:40pm and it looked like it was 7:30pm outside.  It was at this time that I busted out the I phone and checked the upcoming schedule and saw the Blue Jays were coming back to town in late September.  So Rob and I cut bait and prayed they'd just postpone the game...
And so they did!  I almost decided to just grab some baseball cards instead but clearly the baseball gods were not with me this day and decided to stay away from the shop.  The game will be played on a Monday and I will sure as shit be there!  Hopefully Rob can take off and come with, but if not i'll be taking Mrs. Basic Woogenomics.
About that contest!
First person to name the movie where that line comes from
"Can't rain all the time"
gets a card from the collection!
What card you ask???
Let's just say a Player to be named later, lol.  It'll be legit though!
Good Luck!
Thanks for reading and remember...
Can't rain all the time!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Papa Pulls... Busting wax with my Dad

So I headed home for the first time in a while to hang out with my Dad a little bit and see some people I hadn't in a while.  My family is about an hour from me now so I don't get home nearly as much as I should... but I do my best. 

So on my way home my Dad AKA Papa Woog asked me to stop and grab some batteries on my way over and I decided to grab a blaster box of Gypsy Queen while I was at it.  I actually had a gift card to Target from a little work recognition and I sure as heck wasn't going to get something practical with it.

Now I decided a long time ago that I was done buying retail and have really stuck with that for the most part... but like I said... gift card... not practical... so Gypsy Queen won.

When I got home I sat down next to Papa Woog and busted open the box and started cracking packs open while catching up with him on this and that.  As you all know 8 packs come in a blaster box and I had burned through about half of them when I noticed that my Dad was watching me pretty intently and I asked him if he wanted to open a pack to which he replied "Sure!"

Now Papa Woog is to be credited with my baseball obsession.  The man supplied the ground work for my collection and I still have over 95% of anything he ever bought for me.  Dad started me off with complete sets of 89 Upper Deck and 88 Topps... All the mass produced junk wax that nearly sank the hobby.  It's what got me hooked and although it holds very very little value monetarily it's still some of my most favorite stuff to look at.  It just takes me back.

All of that being said Papa Woog doesn't really know jack about cards and when I handed him the pack of cards to open I found it highly entertaining. 

When I open cards I scan the base and may occasionally raise an eyebrow if I see a stud like Jeter or Pujols but I'm really looking for any short prints, inserts, and of course game used and or autographs... Pullskies.

Papa Woog on the other hand took the time to read every players name out loud (and sound it out phonetically if he didn't recognize the player) then flip the card over and read the back out loud for me to hear each players bio.  I was lovin every second of it.  In the time it took him to look at and read out loud 4 of his cards from his packs I had just finished up my 7th and final pack.  Here are the hits from my packs... (sorry for the glare)

Future Stars Justin Upton and Craig Kimbrel as well as Hallmark Heroes Frank Robinson and Nolan Ryan

Sliding Stars Dee Gordon and Ryan Braun, Moon Shots Albert Belle, and Glove Stories Ken Griffey, Jr.

So while I'm sorting out the cards I just pulled, Papa Woog is reading about the next card from his pack... "This one is of Brandon Belt"... he then flips it over and says "This wasn't doesn't have shit on the back" and tosses it aside. Hmmm... suspicious me thinks.  So I pick up the card to further investigate and while Papa Woog does require reading glasses these days, I'm not sure how he missed the on card autograph on front.  Go figure...

I just busted a gut laughing at him over this one.  I have so much better luck when I let other people open packs for me and will be letting Papa Woog bust some packs for me next time I get some... which at this point will likely be around the holidays.  I congratulated him on his pull and told him that pulling an autograph in a retail box falls about 1 out of 140 packs roughly... Good Job Dad. 

I had a great day hanging out with the old man and took pleasure in opening some packs with him pretty much the same way I did when it all started 20 years ago.  If you've got the time and they're still around maybe you should go out and buy a few packs and do the same with the person who started it all for you as well... assuming you never grew up and still collect cards... (and if you're reading this then wipe the guilty grin off your face and go buy some packs)

Thanks for reading

Till next time... 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

So I took a half day off of work this afternoon due to the fact that I'm working Saturday and decided to peak in the Goodwill on my way home.  If you remember from an earlier post I found that old Remco Baseball Board which now has some nice game used/ auto cards displayed on it and hangs on my wall in the Cave.

Well the Baseball Gods were smiling at me again today as the Goodwill came through with something I actually needed.

The Baltimore Orioles are doing a Statue this year of each of the 6 HOF players to have their numbers retired in what they are calling the Legends Celebration Series.  So far they've done Frank Robinson, Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, and just this past weekend Eddie Murray.  They still have Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks Robinson left to unveil.

So I got tickets to the Robinson game but couldn't go and gave them to a buddy who got me a statue... On Earl night I had another friend who went and just plain didn't want his so he gave me that one as well.  Of course I didn't make it for either of the next two but still wanted to collect all 6 statues. 

Well last week I ran in to the buddy who got me the Earl statue (which I still need to pick up) and he told me he was just going to give me both of them, and I said sweet!  Well it turned out my co-worker went this past weekend and got two Eddie Murray statues and he needs a Weaver so we will swap so that I now have 3 out of the 4 that have been given out so far.


Check out what I just grabbed from Goodwill that now gets me current on my Orioles Statues....

This little gem only cost me $10!  Can't beat that price.  They're currently going for around $15-$20 on average on the Electronic Bay...

Not bad for some off day Goodwill Hunting!

Here is a quick little tour of the Legends Picnic Area at Camden Yards. Eddie, Jim, Earl, and Frank.

Till Next Time...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What are friends for??

As stated in my last two posts I met up with my fellow blogger and co worker Kirk from Eutaw Street Cardboard when the National Sports Collectibles Convention was in Baltimore last week, and if you all read his stuff you know that he is questing for every Oriole autograph of anyone who suited up and played in a game.

We were walking around the show Thursday near closing and Kirk had stopped at just about a dozen booths and asked the same question each time...

"Do you have any Curt Schilling or Sammy Sosa autographs?"

To which every single one replied...


Kirk told me that these two guys were some of the toughest to get and as you know he not only wants their autograph, but on an Orioles card.

Well last Monday I was scanning ebay and I found a Schilling auto on an Orioles card that had a VERY reasonable price and also came with JSA authentication.

So I sent him a text to give him the heads up...

"Hey man, check this out... it has an hour left..."

No response... Hmmm....

So I went to his blog and checked his want list and recent posts and by all accounts it looked like he still very much needed this card.

So I called him.... No answer...

Well now this thing has 20 minutes left... decision time...

Hell, I'm going to buy this thing and do what a good friend would do!

So I stalked it until it literally had 12 seconds left and place my top dollar bid... and I won!

Check it out...

And here is the JSA authentication

The sticker with matching certificate

Well it turns out Kirk actually ended up getting his Schilling Auto on the last day of the event.  Which is GREAT for him.  After talking he told me he knew another collector who was collecting the Orange spring training uniforms and agreed that he would just pay me back what I spent and help out himself with a trade.


What are friends for??

Till Next Time...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

National Pullskies!! My 2nd day adventures at NSCC

My first day at The National was an amazing experience, but my second day was equally amazing if not better.  This time I got to bring my arm candy AKA Mrs. Basic Woogenomics and was able to baptise her in the same way I was on my first day.  Her first reaction when we got inside the convention center said it all... "Wow, I had no idea it would be this big..." (feel free to make some puns... i put it on the tee)

My wife used to play Volleyball back in the day (which was my initial attraction as she looked amazing in those skin tight shorts they call a uniform) and actually played a tournament at the Convention Center, but she said it was almost unrecognizable with all of the vendors and displays. 

Again we went on Saturday to just walk around and had no real objectives.  Earlier in the day I got a text from Eutaw Street Cardboard asking me my advice on which box he should buy between Bowman Platinum, Gypsy Queen, or Allen and Gintner.  I advised him to go with Gypsy Queen and was curious to see what he went with when I got there.  Before meeting up with him the wifey and I walked around and looked at all the displays.  We saw the early 1920's Babe Ruth Jersey that recently sold for an astonishing 4.4 million dollars, and I showed her the Conlon photos as she is a photography fan and would appreciate the iconic images.

Aside from my card collecting I'm also an avid Antiques Road Show fan and we actually got to go when they came to Baltimore a few years ago (also at the Convention Center) and we had seen the episode of the gentleman who brought in the Minor League Giants uniform worn by Willie Mays.  The guy had bought it for less than $100 and was able to identify it through some old photos.

Well he has apparently decided to sell it...

Seeing it in person was simply amazing... also cut off in the picture is a game used Stan Musial uniform.

We continued to walk around and I saw one of the coolest cards I'd love to own one day.  It was one of the new 1/1 Bat Knob cards from Tier 1 of my boy hood hero and had just been acquired by a company who was only buying.  I believe this will be reinserted in to an upcoming product as a redemption.

Ivan Rodriguez 1/1 Bat Knob 2012 Topps Tier 1

Along the way we also found some more of my Lost Cards, but I didn't bring anything to trade and honestly these were out of my price range anyway.... (although the wife did insist we buy back the Mantle, but I declined as I thought it was priced a little too high)

2000 Fleer Tradition Update Mantle Pieces
BV is $100 mint... this dude was dreaming!

I also saw another Lost Card from the same dealer, but mine was a black ink version.

Not sure who'd pay $350 for a Sweet Spot Auto of Derek Jeter... knock $100 off and you have a competitive price for sure.

After looking around I took the wife towards the back of the Convention Center where the Corporate booths were and along the way took her by the dealer that I pulled my trade off with to show her some of his stuff.  Check out some of my cards in action already!!!

Hopefully some collectors see my former cards and take them home to be enjoyed as much as I had enjoyed them!  This lot was on the open table, but a few of mine made it in to his nicer cases!

Sorry it's a little blurry, but that's my Jenkins Card

As well as my Trumbo auto.  I believe someone had already scooped up the Santo auto!

After saying goodbye to these old friends we went to the back and ran in to Kirk who instead of getting a box acquired about 3 tough autos he needed.  Check out his blog as I'm sure he'll update us all and I surely don't want to steal his thunder.

When I bumped in to Kirk we actually saw another co worker of ours who had just got some stuff signed by Doc Gooden!  He was signing for free and was apparently very nice.  Well as we were talking with my friend Ray apparently Mr. Gooden was leaving and after we said goodbye to Ray and Kirk we turned around to head the other direction and my wife actually bumped right in to him.  We are a very short couple so I'm pretty sure my wife's nose slammed in to Gooden's naval! lol
I just said "Excuse me sir" as I stepped around him and Doc just looked down at me and said "Hey, no problem."  After that I pulled my wife aside and said do you have any idea who you just ran in to... and she of course said No, so I had to drop some knowledge on her real quick...

3x World Series Champ, NL Rookie of the Year, NL Cy Young winner, and pitched a No No.

She said... "I thought he smelled like World Series"... I think I almost pee'd myself.

We walked around a little more and actually saw Kevin "Big Sexy" Nash signing some stuff.   One of my favorite Pro Wrestlers growing up. 

Eventually my wife said "Soooo are we going to buy anything???"


We then went in to buying mode and attempted to try and find the best products for the best price.  We actually went by this booth for a company called Historic Autographs and they filled us in on there history and what they're all about.  Basically they've been around for only 2 years and are getting ready to debut a product that will have 2 different Joe Jackson cut signatures which they had on display at The National.  I was intrigued but the wife was more so...

We finally decided to buy from the Blow Out Cards booth since they appeared to have some of the most competitive prices.  The first product we bought was another box of Tier 1, this time the 2012 edition.  This is how we did.

Our box of 2012 Topps Tier 1 (plus free schwag bag)

Jay Bruce dual jersey /50

Joel Hanrahan Auto /399

and lastly
Hisashi Iwakuma Elevated Ink /250
(Still new to the majors... If he blows up then I've got a nice RC auto)

Then we went ahead and picked up a box of Historic Autographs "Legends of the Hall 2012"

This product had two perks.  First off you are guaranteed a HOF autograph in every box.  That's it.  Its just basically a signed post card sized HOF auto and they all come graded.

Secondly, If we bought this box from Blow Out Cards then we would also automatically get a free redemption for either a Monte Irvin or Bob Feller auto.  I loved the interviews of Bob Feller from Ken Burns documentary and decided that I would pick up his auto.  So we bought this box and went back to there corporate booth and got our auto!

I know it's only an index card, but I'll get a nice portrait of Feller and frame them together for the Cave!  Then we went ahead and busted the box and at first I didn't realize what a nice pull I had... but it's actually the nicest auto pull for thus far!

Jim "Catfish" Hunter auto on a Dick Perez portrait. 

Catfish was a helluva pitcher winning 5 World Series, 8 All Star appearances, Won the Cy Young Award in 74, and pitched a Perfect Game (9th in MLB history), and had his number retired by the Oakland A's.  Sadly Jim passed away in 1999 while suffering from the effects of ALS.

Here is the real perk of this pull!
Numbered 1/4!! and graded a Mint 9!  A most excellent pull!!!

This just about wrapped up my time at The National and to finish off the day I took my wife out to dinner in Baltimore for Restaurant Week!  However we made one more small purchase on the way out.  It was only $3 and I couldn't pass it up.  Check it out!

An great photo of The Bambino taking a hack and a pull from his stogy at the same time!  The man could play and party!  This will soon be up in The Cave as well!

All in all I had a blast at The National and will be sure to go back when it comes to town again in a few years!

Thanks for reading!

Till next time...

Friday, August 3, 2012

The National brings home a LOST CARD!!!

Yesterday I attended my very first National Sports Collectors Convention AKA "The National" in my hometown of Baltimore, MD and as soon as I stepped inside I was just taken aback.  I mean I've been to Cooperstown and was slack jawed by the history housed in that building, but when you're an avid Baseball Card Collector this honestly made that experience almost pale in comparison.

My friend and co-worker over at Eutaw Street Cardboard was also in attendance and we had planned to meet up, but when I got there he gave me the best advice... "Just take your time and take it all in".  Kirk is a pro by comparison as he has been to this in the past and would be attending almost every day this week.  I however had no idea what to expect and was just dumb founded by all of the amazing memorabilia displayed in front of me.

The first display I came to was of iconic photographer Charles M. Conlon.  If you're a baseball fan then you have seen his work.  Here is one such image.

This actual photo was at The National as well as many other iconic pictures he took.  I must have stared at these images for at least the first 20 minutes I was there.  However, that was only the tip of the ice burg so to speak.  Laid out before me were hundreds of dealers from all over this great Nation and all had something special or unique to bring to The National.  I didn't have any real agenda when i got there... I just knew I'd like to try and maybe find some Lineage cards I needed but more importantly some Lost Cards. 

The thing about it was that I only have about a dozen Lost Cards and that was like finding a needle in a haystack for any one of them.  Not to mention the fact that there was just way to much incredible stuff for me to look at to even really find the stuff I was looking for.

I saw at least a dozen different Babe Ruth Autographs, countless game worn uniforms from some of the greatest players of all time, the rarest cards and memorabilia with the price tags to boot.  I saw a rare Ty Cobb ad going for $100K, as well as a game used Honus Wagner bat.  Just incredible riches that I never would've dreamed of being privileged enough to look at.

Needless to say I will be returning in the future.

So after filling my eye balls with all the rare historic items they could take in I decided to make my way to the back of the convention where they were selling mostly boxes and cases and where all of the major booths could be found like Topps and Panini and Tri Star.  This is when I met up with Kirk and we started the great debate of what box I was going to buy.  Kirk doesn't do boxes and almost broke his rule but like a true Zen Master he was able to maintain control of his urges and didn't break his own rule.  Instead he helped me narrow down my selections to a box of 2011 Topps Tier 1.  The price was only $75 and I decided I wanted to go high risk/high reward as opposed to a standard box with base and sub sets and one or two hits.  When I went to AZ the last shop I went to had a box for $110 and I thought he was nuts.  So when I saw it for $75 I decided it was the right price.  Needless to say it wasn't an amazing box, but still I can say I busted a box at The National.  Check out what I pulled!

(NOTE: Kirk of Eutaw Street Blog Fame is clearly an O's fan and actually picked the box for me... let's just say it had a little of his flavor in it)

First off the base cards...

Roger Maris, Frank Thomas, and Jose Reyes all numbered out of /799.

My 2 Autos left much to be desired...

Brett Wallace and Jordan Schaefer.  Wallace is out of /399 and Schafer /999. 
I think it's dumb that they had autos out of /999 when all the normal base is out of /799, D-U-M-B.

My Relic Card was nice however
Sure he is having a down year but its still Pujols damn it! /399
This was the first bit of Eutaw flavor... Kirk gave me my first Pujols relic card and this happens to now be my second!

However this was the REAL Eutaw flavor...
Zach Britton RC 199/199 (ebay 1/1 lol)

All in all I was okay with how the box turned out.  I wasn't expecting gold or anything.

After we broke that box we parted ways again as I was going to look for anything that caught me eyes that I would be able to trade for and Kirk left to look for cards for his never ending quest at Oriole Autograph dominance.

It finally happened.

I had found a Lost Card!

I acquired it from Mr. Mark Butler of Ruthian Sports Cards out of Bristow, VA.  He has some amazing cards... tons of game used Ruth, Gehrig, and Mantle to name a few.  In fact his tag line is "Specializing in High End Modern Insert Cards".  Hit him up at

However this price was steep.  I mean to some it might be anyway, but honestly the cards I gave up meant nothing to me compared to the card I got in return. 

First let me tell you what I gave up. In total a dozen cards for just the one.  Some will be missed greatly, and non will be forgotten.

I will certainly miss the King of Kings Patch Card of Rickey Henderson and that Fergie Jenkins Titanic Threads had to be one of my sickest pulls in recent memory.  Bobby Richardson is a Yankee... So Fug him... and the Tribute Relic lot was a really neat group of cards that struck a chord with him.

I also gave up some of my more favorite autos like the Monte Irvin (which is one of my most favorite posts I've written when I pulled that) as well as the Ron Santo.  That card grew on me, but I was more then ready to let him go.  The Trumbo card is also super nice, but I'm not really that in love with the guy and I'm sure I could find that card easily if I wanted to.


(who am I kidding... ain't no ladies reading this shiz)


2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch Dual Memorabilia DS-RM Cal Ripken Jr, Eddie Murray Dual Patches 23/25

This card is a HUGE upgrade over the one I used to have as the one I had was not serial numbered and the Ripken swatch was a black jersey and the Murray was a white jersey with a seam in it.

The way I judged if this was a good trade for me was the fact that you couldn't wipe the smile off of my face when we completed this trade.


 Don't ever count on this seeing another collectors hands as long as I'm alive.

Now for the fun part...

You think I got had on this trade or do you love this card as much as I do?  Feel free to post your comments!  Thanks to Eutaw Street Cardboard for kicking it with me at The National and again thanks to Ruthian Sports for doing a straight up trade with no cash involved.

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HELP!!! Need Advice

Hi Friends!  So since the National Sports Card Convention is in my backyard I will naturally be going.  I will go down tomorrow when I leave work early and also on Saturday with my Wife. 

I've never been and I'm going to be looking to see if I can pull off any trades in the hopes of getting some Lost Cards back or maybe some Lineage cards that I still need.  I know i'd be better off just buying a bunch of shiz but I wanna see if I can pull off some trades.

Below are the cards I'm bringing as Trade Bait.  It's a nice selection of cards, but I'm not sure if some of them should just stay home as they may be just wasting some peoples time. 


Your honest opinion is appreciated.

From Top to Bottom and Left to Right.  05 Prime Cuts Roberto Clemente Dual Bats, 11 Topps Marquee Fergie Jenkins Jumbo Swatch 6/10, 2010 Topps Pro Debut Brett Lawrie 77/199 Futures Jumbo Relic, 11 Topps Marquee Nelson Cruz Titanic Threads 27/99, 05 Donruss Champions Rondell White Patch 207/250, 10 Topps Update Lou Gehrig Bat Barrel 7/25, 2011 Topps Marquee Ryan Braun Quad Patch 7/25, and 12 Topps Tribute Paul O'Neill WSR 6/25.

 2003 Topps Tribute R.Jackson Bat, Duke Snider Bat, Johnny Bench Jersey, Kirby Puckett Jersey Pin Stripe, (Middle is 2001 Topps Chrome Rickey Henderson King of Kings Patch) Frank Robinson Jersey, 2010 Topps Grady Sizemore Hat Logo 63/99, 2012 Topps Tribute Position of Power Troy Tulowitzki Dual Jersey 74/99, 2009 Topps Mickey Mantle Patch 13/50.

09 SP Authentic Daniel Murphy Letter Auto 11/30, 2011 Tier 1 Top Tier Auto Evan Longoria 17/99, 2010 Topps Chicle Artist auto Dave Hobrecht 3/10, 2011 Topps Lineage 52 reprint Monte Irvin Auto, 2011 Topps Marquee Elvis Andrus Auto 26/75, 12 Topps Archives Cleon Jones Auto, Bobby Richardson Auto, and Maury Wills Auto, and 05 Topps All Time Fan Favorite Ron Santo Auto.

2002 Sweet Spot Brooks Robinson Auto, 2012 Tribute Starlin Castro 80/99, 2009 Topps Tribute dual Bat auto Dustin Pedroia 79/99, 2012 Topps Tribute Mark Trumbo Auto 47/50, and lastly a 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game Cub Greats Gary Matthews "Sarge" Auto 28/30.

So is this worth bringing to the convention or should some of them just stay home???

Let me know!