Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Christmas Pullskies

Being a Baseball card collector can be difficult at times because it just isn't easy to justify spending over $100 on a box of cardboard, especially if you're married.  Before I got hitched it wasn't a big deal to go blow money on cards, now I have to answer and account for all of that activity.  So as a result I rarely splurge and buy boxes of cards and settle for the occasional $20 trip to the hobby store.

Since I can no longer spend that kind of money guilt free I ask for boxes of cards for special occasions.  Christmas of course falls in to that category and I was handsomely rewarded this past year with a box of 2011 Topps Lineage and a box of 2011 Topps Tier 1.

The Lineage was awesome and was one of my favorite products for 2011.  I really enjoyed them, and the Tier 1 gave me a chance at some nice cards for a great price.

Here is a picture of the hits I pulled on Christmas

The hits from 2011 Lineage were the Michael Morse on card Auto, The Ichiro Mini relic (love this card) and the Matt Batts Auto redemption.

The hits from 2011 Tier 1 were the Eric Thames Auto (meh...) the Jimmie Foxx Bat Card (over the top for that one. Love to collect MD natives) and that Evan Longoria on card Auto was a Case Hit!  My Sweety did great!

The Matt Batts Auto came in the mail the other day and is pictured below.  He was generally a back up catcher most of his career but did play a whole season for Detriot one year.  Catcher is by far my most favorite position and I do have a nice little Catcher collection.  Its a great addition and beautiful card!


  1. Sweet pulls! Any chance the Longoria is available for trade?

    1. Anything is available really. If you read my first post it highlights some cards i'm looking for. What do you have to offer?

    2. I can e-mail you a couple of scans of everything I have to offer. I take it you're on O's fan, I definitely have a few Baltimore hits. And you like Hall of Famers, it would seem? I might have something here and there, just need to dig through a few boxes.

      What's your e-mail? Or you can hit me up, here's mine: