Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Can I get some help!?!

So I'm in the second round of my Fantasy Football Playoffs and if I win this weekend I'm back in the championship for a second year in a row.  Unlike last year our runner up will at least get $100 but the winner takes home $500.

If I'm the runner up i'll likely take the wife out to a nice dinner or something like that, but if I win it all i'll be splitting it down the middle with the wife to allow her to buy whatever she wants with her half so that I can buy whatever baseball products I want.

So here is the question I pose to all my loyal readers...

You've got a budget of $250 and you can buy anything you want...


I could get a couple boxes of some mid range product like Gypsy Queen or Heritage.

I could spring for a higher end box of cards like Triple Threads Baseball or Topps Sterling.


I could hit the electronic bay and buy a hit and avoid a let down box.




All for $250 or less.  So with all of that being said... What do you guys (and girls) think?

I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if I hit the Fantasy Football lottery.

Till Next Time...


  1. Go for the hit...but not a Yankee

    1. I actually don't hate the Yankees as much as I hate the fan base. I love Ruth and he is from Baltimore and I'd also like something from Gehrig for the whole 2130 and Ripken. I'd also spring for a Ty Cobb or Wagner item as well. Any HOF great really.

  2. Agree with Section 36 but I'm OK with a Yankee , I guess I would be leery about an UD relic with the relic authenticity issues. Love the Trip Threads.

  3. With 250 bucks of found money (fantasy football qualifies) I would go for the high end single you wouldn't normally blow a card budget on. Could always get wax later can't get that single thats been eluding you for months(years?) at any time though. Thats my 2 cents. With 250 bucks I'd continue my vintage binge and buy some 50's phillies.

  4. I usually like the surprise of getting boxes and opening packs. Of course you might not get anything you really like. But I like the surprise which you cannot get if you buy specific cards, like those you showed.

    I usually get something I like. Not the signatures or relics that everybody seems to like better. I don't have those kind of budgets but if so, I'd probably would try and get both worlds: get a box of Heritage or GK like you said and on specific 'hit'. You'll have your 'hit' and the fun of opening and perhaps getting some good surprises from the packs.

    And I'm a Yankee fan. But I'm a fine person ;)

  5. Love the rush of breaking a box. Nothing like it. Keeps the mind sharp. But the fall from no pullski stings the nostrils. I would grab something you've always wanted, but never had the $250 to get.