Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage Box Break!

Yeah... I know what I said.

"But Woogie... I thought you weren't going to buy cards till your collection was inventoried!"

You know damn well I'm not even close to finished with that.

I'm weak... what can I say?

So I did some projects around the house and like the good dog that I am... err... I meant boy that I am... my wife let me get a box of 2013 Topps Heritage.

I did very well in my humble opinion. 


I pulled 2 Image Swap Variations of 2 SUPERSTARS!

These cards fall 1 out of 26 packs.
I also pulled 2 Venezuelan cards. 

These cards fall 1 out of every 47 packs!
Lastly I managed to pull this Color Swap variation!
Chase Headley Color Swap.
These cards fall 1 out of every 155 packs!
I also got a Brandon Morrow Heritage Chrome card numbered 64/564
This cards falls 1 out of every 42 packs!
I also pulled a Dee Gordon Clubhouse Collection Jersey
Now not all of these came from the same box.  I happened to pick up 5 packs first to see if I liked it and I pulled one of the Venezuelan cards and the Pujols Image Swap.  So in all I picked up 29 total packs.  Some very excellent pulls for the number of packs purchased!
I also have a few inserts from each category.  If you're trying to make a complete set reach out to me and I'll let you know what I've got!
Thanks for reading!
Now back to inventory...


  1. I would be interested in that Albert Pujols and Jon Jay just send me a email at and I will see what I can trade you

  2. Hi. i just broke a box of this years Heritage and i like it very much.