Friday, July 5, 2013


So I recently pulled off a trade (that I have yet to blog about but promise I will) and have hit 50 mini relics from 2011 Topps Lineage!

During my research however I found out that the total number of relics is actually 101!

Not 99

Not 100

but 101. 

So to celebrate my halfway milestone here is an up to date list of what Ol'Woogie needs to close the gap on these bad boys.  Again... helpa collector out!

I'll go carnival style on this list...

Small Prize - 15 total

Adam Dunn
Alexie Ramirez
Carlos Gonzalez
Clay Buchholz
Edinson Volquez
Grady Sizemore
Ike Davis Bat
Ike Davis Jersey
Jason Bay
Johnny Cueto
Kevin Youkilis
Nelson Cruz
Ryan Braun
Starlin Castro
Yovani Gallardo

Medium Prize - 32 total

Andre Dawson
Andrew McCutchen Jersey
Andrew McCutchen Bat
Bob Gibson
Cal Ripken Jr
Carlton Fisk
Duke Snider
Dustin Pedroia
Fergie Jenkins
Hank Aaron
Jim Palmer
Joey Votto
John Smoltz
Johnny Bench
Johnny Mize
Jose Bautista
Jose Reyes Bat
Jose Reyes Jersey
Justin Upton
Justin Verlander
Mel Ott
Miguel Cabrera
Mike Schmidt
Ozzie Smith
Reggie Jackson
Stan Musial
Stephen Strausburg
Tim Lincecum
Tony Perez
Whitey Ford
Willie McCovey Bat
Willie McCovey Jersey


Babe Ruth
Mickey Mantle
Honus Wagner
Sandy Koufax

My collection is loaded with cards I'm ready to part with to help get me the rest of the way there.  I know I'll have trouble getting any of the "Big 4", but if I can knock out the small prize list completely and make a strong run at the medium prize list i'll be a happy guy. 

Hit me up if you got what I need!

Oh yeah... and if you have any 2010 Topps 206 mini booklets hit me up as well.  I've got 2 out of 25.  So if you've got one, odds are very good I need it!

Thanks for reading and any potential help!


  1. I have the Jason Bay (75R-JBY). Email me up - 2x3heroesATgmailDOTcom - and let's get this over to you.

    Looks just like this one:

  2. Email me liv2mowATaolDOTcom
    Thx Jerry