Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Woogies Wasteland

Been a long time girl...

Shouldn't left you...

With out a dope beat to step to


Some dope baseball cards.  

Last time I dropped in it was last October and my birds finished at 81-81 and have been picked to finish last in the AL East and close to last in the American League.

Guess no one told the Orioles that.

6-0 haters!  Last time my boys opened the season at 5-0 they won the World Series.  Obviously that is a stretch, but sure beats going 0-6 to start a season and my bums have started out worse than that!

So i'll take my 6-0 start and pray it goes to 7-0 tonight against those bastards in Boston.

I've had a good run lately with pullskies too and it wouldn't be fair to rob all of my adoring fans the chance to share in my pack ripping glory!

I'll hit the rewind button to the day that the Orioles signed Crush Davis to his long term deal.  I just knew luck would be on my side so I was able to navigate my way in to a random box break for the Orioles on a few different products, the highlight being a couple boxes of Panini National Treasures.

I actually had to purchase them from another guy who already had claimed them and about 20 other teams.  I offered him some cards just for the spot and he told me it was all good and that he'd let me have them.  Real cool move on his part too... Super cool dude.  He goes by Plugs, but that nether here no there...

In that team break I hit... and I hit big!

NT Game Ball Signatures 4/10

That was just the start of a nice little run I had.  When 2016 Series 1 came out I bought a Hobby Fat Pack and pulled an auto... (always nice to grab 1 of the 3 possible hits with out buying the whole damn box)

Henry Who Cares RC Auto from the Boston Bastards

Not too long after that I decided to grab a Retail rack pack on a whim at Target and of course pulled this beauty.  I'll never understand Hobby v. Retail pulls sometimes... It really can go both ways....

2016 Topps Series 1 Back to Back Bryant and Rizzo 12/25

I actually sold that little gem and cashed it on a couple of Star Wars Lego sets that my wife and I enjoy building together as well as this cool little vintage card from Fleer. ( I know... some people might think thats crazy, but i'm luke warm on any team outside of the Orioles and I'd rather sell high then hang on to it and get $50 down the road)

Right after I pulled that dual auto my boy Kirk over at Eutaw Street Card Board hit this bad bitch from the same LCS around the corner from my home. 

He still has it last I checked and is open to offers.  Hit him up on his blog and maybe he'll come out of retirement and write some stuff too!

I finished out my recent run with a few packs of the new Donruss and hit a couple of cards including this sweet prospect relic auto of Blake Snell the last great arm in the Tampa Bay organization.  I think i'll hold on to this one incase he makes a run at ROY later this season.

Also hit that Biggio relic and a Pujols Bat Kings Relic /25 from the previous year of Donruss.  

Believe me when I say that I am very much a part time collector these days, so when buying packs or breaks i'm batting like .600+ on pullskies.  Which only means a drought is coming for me so I think i'm just going to take a looonnggg break from packs.

that being stated...


I recently shipped some Blue Jays cards to Canada for a few Orioles relics including this 2001 UD Vintage Timeless Teams Boog Powell Bat Card. 

There are 3 other cards in this set for the Orioles including Mark Bellanger and Frank and Brooks Robinson.  Then a quad relic card featuring all 4 players.

Id like to complete this small set and put it in a display all together.  If you have any of the others (or any other dope Orioles hits) let me know and let's work out a trade!

As always... Thanks for reading.


and one more thing....

GO O's!!!!