Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lineage Trade!!!


Woogie reminisced about the ALDS

That bastard also got all sappy about his out of his league wife

and let us not forget that tantalizing cliff hanger about his Lineage Trade

and that's what you missed on....



Well, now that we're all up to speed, let us discuss this Lineage Trade!

I got an email from a guy by the name of Mike in regards to my Lineage Project informing me that he had some cards from my needs list.  Mike had told me he was also thinking about putting together a complete mini set from Lineage and that was how he stumbled on to my blog.  Mike told me he could help me out with some cards, but I'd have to make a pretty good offer to get all the cards I had wanted off of my list.
He threw out some cards he liked from my Trade Bait section and told me he was a Tigers fan.

So I put together my best offer and he told me it was too good to pass up and a trade was struck!  Here is that package I put together for Mike!

I put in my Ryan Perry Peak Performance Auto and Clete Thomas Piedmont Auto as well as an Ian Desmond Chicle Auto.
As well as an SP Legendary Cuts dual jersey card of Delmon Young and Gary Sheffield, a Tier 1 Albert Pujols Jersey card, and lastly the Ivan Rodriguez Captured on Canvas Jersey card I scored previously in a trade from Fuji.
Then I also threw in the Lineage Matt Batts auto (a card I really loved) and my Chicle Hobrecht Auto /10, and this very nice Adrian Gonzalez 1/1 Sketch card!
A Tribute Ty Cobb base, a Tier 1 Cabrera base, an Al Kaline All Time Fan Favorite parallel /299, and 1 1978 Lou Whitaker rookie card.
In return I got a huge selection of Lineage Cards that helped bring my mini relic number up to an even 40 as well as nearly 2 dozen parallels and insert cards I needed.  Check them out!
75 Mini Mize, Oswalt, Wagner, Beltre, Ichiro, Ortiz, Gutierrez, and Kershaw
Diamond Parallel Musial, Fielder, Volquez, Rodriguez, and Pujols
Platinum Fukodome, Butler, Lee, Price, and Jeter

Stand Ups Hernandez and Howard, 3D Longoria, Clothe Sticker Snider, and Venezuelan Bautista

And Finally... Mini relics of Carpenter, Thomas, Beltre, Helton, Ethier, Zimmerman, Longoria, and Uggla!
The Frank Thomas was by far the Crown Jewel of this trade for me!
A huge thanks to Mike for helping me out with my project.  Still need a lot more cards!

Lastly a shot of all 40 mini relics I have so far.
60 to go...
Stay tuned for my next post about my Fat Head!
Till next time...


  1. You probably choose to collect and complete one of the best and beautiful sets for the last couple of years - Linage. Great cards.

    1. Thanks, It's been a lot of fun to try and get the whole set completed. Let me know if you happen to have anything I need and maybe we can make a trade. Thanks for reading!