Monday, October 29, 2012

Panda Watch 2012

"The mood is tense!"

Nah, I just really liked that line from Anchorman. (Brian Fantana reporting live from the San Diego Zoo)

Seriously though...


As you all know by now the San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers to win their second World Series in three years.

The MVP of the Series went to Pablo Sandoval aka Kung Fu Panda.

Panda joined a rare group of athletes that include Albert Pujols, Reggie Jackson, and the greatest player of all time, Babe Ruth, when he hit 3 home runs in Game 1 of the World Series.

He is also the only one of the group to do it in 3 consecutive at bats.

Sandoval ended The Series hitting .500 and earned himself World Series MVP.

Sandoval now has 2 World Series rings and 2 All Star appearances to go along with his new MVP trophy and yet up to this point his cards have remained extremely affordable. 

As a matter of fact I happened to pull a Sandoval auto from one of the many packs of Topps Lineage I've opened since attempting to collect the entire set.  Here it is below.

Currently the book value on this card tops out at $15.
My questions to you, the reader, is if you think this card will increase in value by the next time Beckett releases an updated price guide or if you think it will stay flat.
Let me know what your best guess is in the comments section.
Let's just see how much some new hardware can increase the value of a players card!
Stay Tuned for the Fat Head write up!
Thanks for reading.


  1. I think they will. They like to flash the prices after moments like this. To be fair they should stay high price because he did something that only 3 more players did in the past. That should be honoured and Sandoval should keep a worth price. But Beckett like to be a hipster and probably it will evaluate Sandoval cards with high prices for a year and then lower it for good.

    The main value, for what is worth is what a collector feels about it. That's the card true value.

    1. Ha! That's the truth. My collection might be worth 5 to 10K, but is worth a $1,000,000 in sentimental value.