Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fat Heads and Photo Bombs

I know... It's been too damn long since we last interacted.  Life is busy as ever and these are dark times for baseball fans.

Well... not all baseball fans.  The AL East Blue Jays have been kicking ass this off season landing Reyes, Johnson, and Buehrle from Miami and then signing Melky Cabrera all in the same damn week.

Meanwhile the biggest name the Orioles seem to be connected to is friggin Jonny Gomes.  That's just what Baltimore needs... A 32 year old DH who had a whopping 47 RBIs last year.  GRRREEEAAAT. 

So to brighten your off season here is some fun stuff to keep you entertained.  As stated in previous posts I recently got a Matt Wieters Fathead for my anniversary and put it up in the Man Cave. 

Hey Woog... What's a Fathead!?!


Fatheads are life sized vinyl cut outs of your favorite star athletes that can be hung on most walls and surfaces over and over again!

Not only do you get the life sized cut out, but a bunch of other perks as well.  Check it out!

This thing was huge and I had to let it lay out over night to stretch out.  I decided to hang all of the smaller stuff first and take Matt off last.  So I got busy tagging my cave with Orioles Schwag.  Totally reminded me of the Adam Jones/Robert Andino put a bird on it video!
From a distance it actually looks like a real bat propped up in the corner.  The rest is pretty much Orioles Logos... So...

Put a bird on it.

Put a bird on it.

Put a bird on it.

Put 3 Birds on it.

1 Bird

2 Bird

3 Bird... Ah ah ah.
I hung a few more... but you get the point.  I put a bird on it.
Then it was time to tackle Matty.  After cleaning the wall and dropping the pennants I had hanging on the wall, we carefully removed Wieters from the poster.  (NOTE: Be careful about not tearing your fathead if you end up buying one)
Luckily Matt wasn't too big for the wall, but it was close!

Great shot of me working the air bubbles from his crotch.

Pretty sure those air bubbles are gone Woog....

Alas, Matt in all his glory! Naturally once it was hung I decided it needed to move slightly to the right...

Finally, a drinking buddy! 
This was a great item for the Cave and really completed the set up.  Stay tuned for the full unveil! 
However, just before we end this post I wanted to share with everyone...
I had gone to Camden Yards and had the wifey take some photos of me with some of the statues that the Orioles put up through out the summer.  I just recently looked thru them and found that I had been photo bombed in one of the shots.  It was hilarious!  Check it out.
This was of me and Eddie Murray. Can you see them???  How bout a close up?
Classic photo bomb.  Hats off to those dudes.
Hope you enjoyed.  Till next time...
Thanks for reading.

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