Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lineage Trade and Super Collector

About a week ago I made a small trade that helped my on going cause for a Lineage Master set and just yesterday met someone who blows my ambitions away.

A co worker of mine had picked up some Lineage cards as well and set me up with a Ryan Howard Cloth Sticker I needed in exchange for a Goodwin Champions Kate Middleton Mini "Lady Luck" parallel.


For that...
My buddy likes to hit the casinos from time to time so hopefully that Lady Luck will bring him... well... some luck!
Yesterday I got a message from a guy out in KC who not only is on the same quest as me, but is also attempting to get all the Canary Versions, all Autographs, and well... every single variation or version of Lineage cards possible. 
And I thought I was passionate!
In short this guy has a wealth of cards that I need for my collection and rest assured I'll be in contact with him to try and pull off some block buster trades!  Only problem is I'm not sure I have enough in my personal stock to really make a splash.  We'll see!
Till next time.

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