Monday, February 11, 2013

Pullskies III (Th'as Roman for 3 sucka!)

Yes Friends!  I'm back! 

And I'm ready to write!  Buckle up your reading glasses and grab a Coca-Cola and get ready to.... read.  Aaaaa llllloooooottttt....

First thing I gotts to hit on are my Baltimore Ravens.

Super Bowl Champions!  Last time I got to say that I was a 10th grade JV Football Stud and Football was my universe (yes... a brief time in my life where baseball cards took a back seat to playing sports and chasing girls).

Life was Glorious... I was young, popular, didn't have a lick of responsibility, and the Ravens won the Superbowl... and they did it before those no good, leaving in the middle of the night, Indianapolis Colts did since leaving Baltimore.

Fast forward 12 years

30% of my hair has turned stark white, popularity means nothing, and I have waaaayyy too much damned responsibility.

But the Ravens are Champions... and life is still Glorious.

I may never in my life enjoy or witness another season where I see the Orioles in the playoffs and the Ravens win a Championship...

Here's to hoping the Orioles can win the Series and make Baltimore Title Town for 2013.

Moving on...

Recently I had my second reader contest and asked my loyal fan base to tell me what connection Roberto Clemente and Neil Walker share that no other Pirates player in history shares.

The answer was they're the only two Pirates to ever hit a Grand Slam on Opening Day.  An amazing feat considering they've been around since 1901.  

Steve, a reader of blogs, but writer of non, won my contest.  We emailed back and forth a couple times and I found out that Steve is a Mets fan.  Steve told me he'd been reading my stuff since last Spring... it was cool to interact with someone who was kind of anonymous in that way.  I just assumed most people who read my blog had they're own blog.  Anyways... here is what I hooked Steve up with from my collection.

2012 Topps Archives Ed Kranepool Auto.
I assume this would be a good card for a Mets fan since Kranepool was a lifer for the Mets, won the 69 World Series, and is a member of the teams HOF.
It's a free auto... I'm sure he'll like it!
Thanks again Steve
Today is February 11th and I'm finally getting around to posting what I actually pulled on Christmas Day!  Hence the title of this post Pullskies III.  So let's just dive right in to it. 
In years past I was lucky enough to get a couple high end boxes with some mid range boxes, but was not the case this year.  I instead got a couple of mid range boxes and was plenty happy about it.
The first box I opened was another 2011 Topps Lineage.  While I have at least two complete base set I did get at least a dozen more insert cards that I needed towards the master set.  If I didn't already update that list I will soon and I've slacked on the project recently.  Honestly I know I'll complete it someday, but would really like to knock out the mini relics.  I'm just about half way there with those!  Anywho... here's what I pulled to from that box.
Another John Buck and Pablo Sandoval auto.  Happy to have a duplicate on the Sandoval auto but that's definitely the 3rd John Buck auto I pulled and it's not like I bought 30 boxes... I didn't even get 10.  Oh well... I already gave one away to my co-worker.  These are both available for trade.
I did get a mini relic I needed though.
So this card with at least 16 different insert cards made this box a victory for me!
Next up under the tree was a box of 2012 Topps Heritage.
Obviously this is just a fun set to try and build and I enjoyed opening it up.  I even pulled a Chris Carpenter photo variation and was stoked when I pulled this little gem.
2012 Topps Heritage Josh Hamilton Clubhouse Collection bat card.
This would be my first Hamilton relic card.
Before I got this box for Christmas I picked up a few packs and was lucky to also pull this card...
Cliff Lee Clubhouse Collection jersey card
and since I'm posting pulls I made forever ago here is another card I got when I picked up some 2012 Topps Heritage Minors cards
Joe Testa is a minor league pitcher who I doubt will ever sniff the majors.  In 5 seasons he has yet to crack AAA.  At least he has a baseball card... a nice looking one at that.
Good job Joe.
I was going to finish this post off with my weekend in Philly, but alas I'll leave it for another day.  Apparently I ran out of file space and couldn't post.
So with that I'll say good night.  Thanks for reading.

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