Saturday, February 2, 2013

Topps Golden Giveaway mini post

As promised I will be making my final post about what I pulled over the previous holiday...

Once that one gets posted I will hopefully be making some pulls if the wifey decides to get me some packs or dare I say a box for Valentines Day.  Here's to hoping!  The hint hath been dropped. 

However I wanted to just post a quickie about the 2012 Topps Golden Giveaway.

In all the codes I redeemed I pulled 2 virtual cards.  The first one I pulled was kind of a big pull as I consistently got around 60 trade offers for it.  Check it out!

Obviously a popular player to collect and naturally I declined all offers and have since redeemed it for shipment.
The second card I pulled was a Ryan Howard diecut card.  This morning I went online (when I redeemed the Koufax) and saw that I still had around 60 trade offers, but of all the offers I had, only 2 were for Mr. Howard.  However, one of the 2 happened to be an offer for a Jim Palmer diecut. Trade accepted.
Aaaawwww Yeah!
I'll be showing these two bad boys off when they come in the mail. Based on my previous experience with Topps shipping cards I expect to get them say around Christmas, lol!
My next post will likely depend on the outcome of Superbowl Sunday.  If the Ravens win I'll be high on life and will take to the blog to celebrate... If we lose you may not see me for a week or two as I'll be crying myself to sleep every night.
When I do make it back I'll be detailing the last boxes I got for Christmas, any other random packs I've picked up and the cards I dealt to the winner of my reader contest!
Thanks for reading

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