Sunday, November 17, 2013

What's a collector to do!?! Advice wanted!

Hey guys... I know... I hardly ever do this anymore.  Not for lack of interest. Just increasingly busy watching my daughter grow up and dealing with life as a new parent.  I'd love to be able to go buy boxes and rip packs and hope for the best, but for now those days are in my rear view mirror.  I've got little ventures here and there that may potentially turn in to cards...(9-1 in fantasy this year and gunning for some money), but for now I'm trying to think of what I should do about my actual collection.

Currently my biggest interests are finishing the lineage relics and 206 booklets.  I've got a long road ahead of me for the Lineage relics, but I can knock out the 206 sooner then later with only 5 left to go.

However, I've got a huge crush on those 1971 and 1972 mini relics Topps came out with this year that are numbered to 25.  With 45 total subjects I'd like to collect all of them and pair them with the 75 mini relics from lineage in some type of ultimate display.

Which brings me to the point where I look for advice.

I've got a ton of relics and autographs.  Aside from the Lost Cards... I think i'm ready to part with all of them if it isn't one of the 3 sets listed above. 

Now some cards are much nicer then others but some of my collection is less then appealing to your average collector.

Has anyone had any success selling off there collection via grab bags?  I'm thinking bags of 10-20 nice cards with a mix of HOF's and at least an auto or relic.  Relic bags, $5 and auto bags $10.  Has this actually worked for anyone??

Now the nicer stuff I'd like to get in the hands of you guys!  The ones I know will really appreciate them. 

Does anyone have any 206, Lineage, or 71/72 mini relics they'd be interested in trading. 

Anyone out there, give me some advice.  I'll post the cards that are worth peoples time that are available for trade in a new post. 

HIT ME UP!  I'm ready to listen.



  1. I would read up on the FAQs on the COMC site. I'm getting ready to send all the results of excess ripping this year, for them to sell....and I know I will just use the proceeds to get the cards I want, not actual cash. The pro sellers are always upset about something COMC is doing, but then they are always upset with eBay too. To convert a few hundred cards all worth more than $1 each into the cards you really do want to keep, COMC looks like a good bet.

    Oh and I keep watching the price of Lineage cases for the fire sale...

  2. A few years ago, I would buy "mystery packs" from YouTubers... but haven't done it in years (and never actually sold any myself). Another thing you could do is list all of your relics/autographs in a post and attempt to sell them to your readers. Then throw the leftovers onto eBay or COMC.

    Either way... good luck with those sets.