Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Holidays from Basic Woogenomics!

So happy holidays to all my friends and family! I know it's been a while since I posted and its really because not much has gone on to blog about.  I've not purchased cards in forever and with our baby's first Christmas it looks like Santa may pass by my house this year.  Which is fine.  I'm in the semi finals for my fantasy league and am the #1 seed.  If I win my league this year I'll have a $225 pay out and will spend at least half of that on some baseball cards or card. 

I've got 5 cards left for the 206 booklets about 50 left for Lineage relics and I drool over 2013 Topps 1971/1972 relics on ebay all the damn time. 

Not to mention I've got the lost cards to reclaim.

So time will tell what I end up accomplishing.  Odds are I get bounced this weekend from the play offs and get no baseball card moneys.  I've pitched multiple trades in the past few weeks, but no takers.  Still I'll keep trying!

I would love to hear about every ones haul over Christmas assuming you all put baseball cards on your wish list as well!  And for my Jewish friends out there, hopefully you pulled some packs on one of your 8 crazy nights!

Regardless of the outcome under my Christmas tree, I feel blessed to be spending it with my little girl.  Priorities have certainly changed, but the passion remains the same!  A happy new year to you all!

Much love!

- Woogie

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