Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Trading!!!

Well that didn't take long!
I write a blog post about how quiet collecting has been for me lately and BOOM!
I pull off an impressive and very much welcomed trade!
I will usually share my posts on the facebooks to draw more attention to The Lostcards and discovered a buddy I went to high school with also collects cards.  We had talked a while back about a possible trade and I learned he was looking for a Manny Machado auto card. 
I had just gotten mine in a trade!  At the time I wasn't ready to give it up and wanted to hang on to it.  Check it out again below!

Now it is still very early to tell, but Manny is THE REAL DEAL.  I'm going to enjoy watching him play in Camden Yards for many years to come.  This card will be missed for sure!
It was an offer I just couldn't refuse
My old friend from high school tossed out this gem in a straight up trade!
2012 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper RC Auto.
This is a great card obviously and while I'd love to hang on to my Manny, I have a feeling I'll get another one in the future.  So for now!  So Long and Farewell!
Welcome to Woog's collection Bryce.
Your stay may be long or brief.  It all depends if I get a monster offer in a trade on you.  Say maybe a certain lost card???
And still I have another trade (or trades...) that may land me my first 2013 Topps 71/72 mini relics.  Wish me luck!
Thanks for reading!


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