Sunday, March 30, 2014

Feast or Famine

Happy Sunday everyone!

Tomorrow my beloved Birds of Baltimore take on those damn defending World Series Champs, Boston Redsox.  It's been raining here in Baltimore for the last 2 days, but tomorrow is supposed to be around 65 and sunny.  I can't wait!  I think Baltimore has a run in them this year.  Even if all the experts pick them to finish 4th, I think they win the East and who knows beyond that.  It just feels like a lot of potential on this team compared to the last couple of years.

So yeah... like... Feast or Famine man.  What gives?

I've been coming up empty on recent trade offers.  Had a couple of people talking trade, including a huge one for Lineage relics that would have put me over 75 total.  However, I couldn't get a deal done.  Alas my collection has become somewhat depleted.  I've got plenty of autos and relics, and many of them are of star players.  They just aren't next level hits.  Solid mid levels.  Anything I have that would really draw someones attention is PC.  Makes it tough to get stuff done!  Plus, I've been a good little boy this year and have not bought any new packs in 2014.  Seriously, I'm going through hardcore withdrawal.  I've been watching case breaks on the youtubes and window shopping on ebay, but i'm going to need to complete a trade or rip some packs if i'm to really quell the beast with in.

So to that end... Here is an updated list of my Lineage Relic needs. Cards highlighted in red are ones that I currently own.  55 total.  47 left to go!  If you've got any that I need hit me up!  Thanks for reading!

1Adam Dunn JERSEY
2Adrian Beltre JERSEY
3Al Kaline BAT
4Albert Belle BAT
5Alex Rodriguez JERSEY
6Alexei Ramirez JERSEY
7Alfonso Soriano JERSEY
8Andre Dawson JERSEY
9Andre Ethier JERSEY
10Andrew McCutchen BAT
11Andrew McCutchen JERSEY
12Albert Pujols JERSEY
13Aramis Ramirez JERSEY
14Austin Jackson BAT
15Babe Ruth BAT
16B.J. Upton JERSEY
17Bob Gibson JERSEY
18Brian McCann JERSEY
19Brooks Robinson JERSEY
20Buster Posey JERSEY
21Cal Ripken Jr. JERSEY
22Carlos Beltran JERSEY
23Carlos Gonzalez JERSEY

Carlos Lee JERSEY
25Carlton Fisk
26CC Sabathia JERSEY
27Chipper Jones JERSEY
28Chris Carpenter JERSEY
29Clay Buchholz JERSEY
30Clayton Kershaw JERSEY
31Dan Uggla JERSEY
32David Ortiz JERSEY
33David Price JERSEY
34David Wright JERSEY
35Duke Snider BAT
36Dustin Pedroia BAT
37Eddie Murray JERSEY
38Edinson Volquez JERSEY
39Elvis Andrus JERSEY
40Evan Longoria JERSEY
41Felix Hernandez JERSEY
42Fergie Jenkins JERSEY
43Frank Thomas JERSEY
44Grady Sizemore JERSEY
45Hank Aaron JERSEY
46Honus Wagner BAT
47Ian Kinsler JERSEY
48Ichiro JERSEY
49Ike Davis BAT
50Ike Davis JERSEY
51Jared Weaver JERSEY
52Jason Bay JERSEY
53Jason Heyward JERSEY
54Jayson Werth JERSEY
55Jim Palmer
56Joe Mauer JERSEY
57Joey Votto JERSEY
58John Smoltz JERSEY
59Johnny Bench JERSEY
60Johnny Cueto JERSEY
61Johnny Mize BAT
62Jose Bautista
63Jose Reyes BAT
64Jose Reyes JERSEY
65Josh Johnson JERSEY
66Justin Upton JERSEY
67Justin Verlander JERSEY
68Kevin Youkilis JERSEY
69Kosuke Fukudome JERSEY
70Madison Bumgarner JERSEY
71Marlon Byrd JERSEY
72Matt Cain JERSEY
73Matt Kemp JERSEY
74Mel Ott JERSEY
75Mickey Mantle BAT
76Miguel Cabrera JERSEY
77Mike Schmidt BAT
78Nelson Cruz JERSEY
79Nolan Ryan JERSEY
80Ozzie Smith BAT

81Prince Fielder JERSEY
82Reggie Jackson JERSEY
83Ricky Romero JERSEY
84Roy Campanella
85Ryan Braun JERSEY
86Ryan Zimmerman JERSEY
87Sandy Koufax JERSEY
88Shane Victorino JERSEY
89Stan Musial BAT
90Starlin Castro JERSEY
91Stephen Strasburg JERSEY
92Tim Lincecum JERSEY
93Todd Helton JERSEY

94Tony Perez BAT
95Vernon Wells JERSEY
96Victor Martinez JERSEY
97Wandy Rodriguez JERSEY
98Whitey Ford JERSEY
99Willie McCovey BAT
100Willie McCovey JERSEY
101Yovani Gallardo JERSEY
102 Jay Bruce

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