Saturday, October 4, 2014

All Apologies...

Hey Baseball Card Guru's.

I've lost touch with my inner blogger... basically life has happened and I haven't had the time to sit down and get in touch.

My little girl is 16 months old now and basically takes up all my free time... and baseball card money.  Fortunately I still have money for postage and have been very busy pulling off trades.

I know this is kinda anti climactic but I got another LOST CARD back!

I was able to acquire the Juan Marichal card in exchange for a Ray Lewis signed 8x10 framed and matted.  It was a sweet item in my cave, but this Lost Card was particularly hard to find so I had to jump on the chance when I saw it pop up.  In fact it's print run is limited to 90 so I knew it wouldn't be easy to find.

So that leaves only the 2009 Sweet Spot Derek Jeter auto and I've gotten all of my Lost Cards back!

In the meantime I've also cleaned up in my quest for Lineage relics and have now gotten a total of 70!  The checklist includes 98 players, but 4 of them have both a jersey and bat relic and a lot of them have variations of jersey swatches.  I've decided to just make it an even 100 as I plan to display them in a framed type of set up and it helps make it work... so that being said... just 30 left to go!

Check out my link for the Lineage project and the relic section will be up to date.

In other news I was at the ALDS game 2 for the Baltimore Orioles and watched them kick some more 8th inning ass again!  It's been a magical year and I really feel like its a team of destiny.  So bring on the third Cy Young winner in a row... I'm fairly certain this team can beat him too.

I'll carve some time out in the future to detail the new cards I've gotten and the ones i've shipped away.  Or not... WHO KNOWS!

Not me anyways...


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