Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wait!? I have a blog??

I've been a bad baseball card blogger as of late.

Things were so much easier when my little girl was a newborn baby...

She literally just ate, puked, slept, and pooped.  Mostly in that order.

So sitting down to write a post about my favorite hobby was very much in the cards. (pun intended)

However, my little sweetheart is now 19 months old and every time Daddy sits down to write on the lap top she begs to sit in my lap and then naturally wants to push ALL of the buttons on the keyboard.

So, on this lovely Saturday morning I have decided to take a few minutes to write you lovely people a post whilst she eats her cereal and strawberries. 

Confined in her high chair.


So I'll make this quick... bullet point style!

1. The Lost Cards.  I still only have one left to get... Derek fricken Jeter.  The quest continues...

2. Once again I've kicked ass in my Fantasy Football League and am the 1 seed and play in the semi finals this weekend.  If I win Sunday, I'm in the money... and all of that will go to baseball cards.  If I happen to win a championship... mayhap I'll get Derek fricken Jeter.

3. Lineage mini relics... I've decided that I'm just going to get the 99 players and leave it at that.  If I get the other variations (bat v. jersey) I'll just file them away.  I'm up to 76 total relics... OH SO CLOSE!

4. 2010 Topps 206 mini booklets... still only need 3 left! Bench/Mauer, Pettitte/Sabathia, and Utley/Howard.  Utley and Howard are currently on ebay and I have every intention of scooping them up.  Then I'll be down to just 2 for a complete set!

5. 2013 Topps Update 1971 mini relics.  I recently just acquired the Ripken, Bench, and Upton relics to go with my Musial.  That would make 4 out of 15.  I plan to complete this set as well.

6. Popping tags... I recently went to an antique store across the street from my work and found a couple niiiccceee baseball relic cards for dirt cheap.  One I've already flipped for a lineage relic.  Keep your eyes peeled fellow collectors.  There is treasure every where!

7.... oh snap.  Breakfast is over.  Gotta run!

Till next time!!!

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