Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm Baaaaaaaccccckkkkkk


It is true...

rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Okay, so maybe that's a little dramatic, but the point is the blog isn't dead.

I just took a break I guess blogging about my hobby and instead focused all my efforts and energies on actually expanding my collection.

And I did in a big way.

I have completed the 2011 Topps Lineage 1975 mini relic set.

Ya'll heard what I said right?


check it oooouuuuttttt

This was when I was down to 3 needing Stan the Man, Mick, and Babe to complete it.

Stan came shortly after and I scored Mickey Mantle on a last second snipe on ebay!  After I got Mantle I posted it on Facebook and through comments traded my triple relic Ruth (tears were shed) for the final card in my set that I needed.  Mr. Babe Ruth

That's a total of 99 cards with at least 30 HOFers!
(With more to be inducted in the future!)

To be honest I've been kinda lost lately since I've completed the set.
I completed the 2010 Topps 206 mini book relic set and now the 75 mini relic set.
Both impressive sets to complete in my opinion and makes me a proud collector.

This leaves me one set i'm still chasing and that's the 2013 Topps Update 1971 mini relic set.

I've currently got 10 out of 15 of that set and it's a toughy since all cards are numbered to 25.
I still need Trout, Schmidt, Verlander, Ramirez, and Stargell.  If you have one of those guys please hit me up!

Check out the 10 I have!
Clemente, Musial, Bench, Ripken, Maddux, Jeter, Garciaparra, Upton, Granderson, and Longoria 

I guess I may as well chase the 72's as well from Series 1 & 2

If you've got any of those let me know as well.  That's a 30 card set.

Well fwiends...

It's getting late (10:30... i'm so lame... and tired)

Thanks for reading

Till next time or next year... whichever


  1. Congratulations! That Lineage set is pretty awesome!

  2. Congratulations on completing the set! I hope to know how gratifying that is one day. I'm a Ruth short of completing it. Haven't seen one listed in so long. Keep hoping one will pop up.

    1. Found mine on trading groups on Facebook. I know atleast 3 other guys on this page that have one and one of them was getting ready to move it. Want me to set you up with his info?

    2. Yes, please. That would be fantastic. I'd love to complete the set.

    3. The front end of my gmail address is jhartman76.

    4. I talked to the guy and he said hes getting it graded and putting it on ebay. So the least I can say is one should be popping up on ebay in a couple of months.