Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lost in Cards: Where's Woogie Files


So I haven't posted in forever and honestly it's not because I don't like the blog anymore...  I'm just so busy being a daddy and unwinding from being a daddy (once my little one is asleep) that I don't have as much time to dedicate to the blog.

However, it's a nice Sunday morning and my wife and daughter are playing house in the other room watching Frozen and I've decided to take advantage and finally post up.

So much has happened with my collection that I'm not sure where to start.  I guess the best place would be the collection that started it all... The Lost Cards

At last check I had acquired all but 1 of my Lost Cards.  Derek friggin Jeter.

No.  I haven't acquired Jeter.  Don't get me wrong I'd love to still, but I *gasp* traded away three of my Lost Cards.  I know... I know...

The premise of getting the cards back was a great one and it was an excellent adventure in doing so.  However what was I going to do with them once I got them all back?  I pondered this often as I wasn't sure I wanted to keep them PC for the rest of my life.  The Lost Cards once made up the cream of the crop of my collection.  However, because of this blog and meeting other collectors I discovered new goals and desires for my collection.  So I traded 3 Brooks Robinson Lost Cards to a personal friend from childhood who is a SUPER collector of Brooks Robinson.  They have a great home in my buddy's collection.

In return? Only an amazing card of the GREATEST player of all time. (It's not up for debate. He is the King of Baseball)

2011 Topps Tier One Triple Bat Card 11/25

I also got a 2014 Topps Heritage Mike Schmidt relic card /99 that I have since traded and a few nice RC of Tanaka, Bryant, and Abreau.  Felt like a lopsided deal in my favor, but Nathan loves Brooks so much that I think he thought he was getting over on me! Regardless, we have two very happy collectors at the end of the trade and I can assure you this card has found a permanent home in my collection.

So I have three other sets I'm working on completing and one of them is of course my Lineage relics.  I've decided to just do the 99 card player checklist.  I know a few other players have either a bat or jersey relic, but the only card that has two different versions is Willie McCovey.  I am very pleased at the progress I have made on that front as well!  I now have 89 out of 99.  I only need the following players to complete my set!

Ruth, Mantle, Koufax, McCovey jersey, Musial, Ford, Gibson, Ott, Strausburg, and Pujols.


I've also been working on the 2013 Topps Update 1971 mini relic set.  This is much tougher... All cards are numbered to /25 and has a 15 player check list.  I now have a total of 6!

I have Curtis Granderson on the way!  The rest of the checklist is loaded with studs and is not going to be easy or cheap to complete!  Please PM me if you've got one I can add!

Clemente, Jeter, Trout, Longoria, Garciaparra, Ramirez, Verlander, Schmidt, and Stargell


Many of you (okay... one of you) may remember a trade I made a while back to acquire a number of 2010 Topps 206 mini book relics with the intention of completing the set.  With a 25 card checklist and numbered out of /99 this was bound to be a challenge.  

I'm proud to say that I have completed the set!!!!

A Case Hit Complete Set! I know of one of other person to complete it as well.  Maybe there are a few others who have as well, but regardless... it puts me in rare company.  Take a look at the complete set!

Now I'm working on a display case to proudly show off the new completed set!  I can't wait to complete the Lineage set!

Sadly, I have taken my bumps too...

My basement flooded partially after all the snow melted (apparently I have a drainage problem) and I had to remove half the carpet from my ManCave.  No worries... because no cards or memorabilia was hurt in the process!  

Well fwiends! It's been real.  Now back to Frozen and Daddy/Daughter play time.

Thanks for reading!

Till next time... (or next year...)

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