Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 Topps Tier 1 Box Break

Last Friday I went to the local shop and picked up the newest release from Topps for a cash total of $90.  As you know with this product this year it only comes with 3 total cards with 2 autographs and 1 relic card.  The card to get is a 1/1 Bat knob of any player it seems... they're going nuts on ebay.  Needless to say I didn't get a bat knob, but I did get some sweet mojo!  Check it out...

I busted the box open and picked up my one silver pack of cards.  It didn't feel overly thick and dashed my own hopes of a batknob card before I ever opened the pack.  When I did crack it open I went from the top and peered down and what I saw were 4 cards as opposed to 3 cards.  At first I though maybe I got a booklet, but no dice.  I later found out through other blogs that random packs had four hits, but at the time of opening I was unaware and naturally felt like I had gotten some type of error pack.

The first card I pulled was
79/235  Chris Heisey Auto

At first I thought this was a dud, and while he still might not be a stud, he did hit 3 homeruns in a game against the Yankees... and that makes him a fan favorite in the catalog.

Next I pulled

369/399 Adam Lind
Oh Adam, what the hell happened to you buddy? In 2009 you hit .305, hit 35 jacks, and had 114 RBIs.  Now you're playing for the AAA Las Vegas 51s.  No offense man... you're up for TRADE!


Jason Motte Jersey Card 14/199 (I think, pics a lil blurry and I don't feel like running to the basement to double check) Fun Fact about Jason Motte... He was pitching when the Cardinals recorded their last out to win the 2011 NLCS and 18th Pennant.

That should've been it.  Had this been my actual box I'd have been really miffed.  However I was lucky and got a bonus hit and being from Baltimore I got to say it saved the box for me!

Eddie Murray Game Used Jersey 99/150
Now I know this is just a jersey card, but its an Oriole HOF jersey card and by all accounts shouldn't have been in the pack.

I doubt I'll buy another box so that's it for me this year.  Hope you guys have some good luck if you bust it this year as well.  Let me know what you got if you got a killer hit, please!

Till next time...

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