Friday, June 1, 2012

WTF Baltimore

This is going to be short and sweet...


Welcome to the month of June fans... it was fun in April and May, but it's time for a strong dose of reality.

I love my Orioles like no other and have welcomed many fans back with open arms as most of the people who all of a sudden like them were back because at one point we were the hottest team in baseball.

Now after a 6 game losing streak including 8 loses out of the last 10 I think we are seeing what type of team we really are.  With the last place Red Sox only 3.5 games out of 1st, it will be very easy for my lovable losers to go from 1st to worst! 

Oh well... this is the natural cycle of most Baltimore Fans.  Baseball season starts and hope springs eternal.  We get excited for the season to start and think "what if this is the year we finally win and make a run..."  Then we get let down ultimately, but it's always okay... Football season is right around the corner and we happen to be very good in that department.  Then sure enough the Ravens kick ass all year long, but then break our hearts late in the playoffs....

However, when that happens we have another Orioles season fast approaching.

And again... Hope springs eternal.

The cycle of the Baltimore fan continues.


  1. Or you could also be a Redskins, Capitals and Bullets fan. Then you can be let down all year long. Kinda pathetic that our winningest franchise of the last 20 years in Washington is the DC United.

  2. -Nick
    You pretty much nailed it, but I still have some hope that the O's will keep it close to .500 and at least be relevant in September. Especially with that extra playoff spot!

    I hear DC United may move to Baltimore in a few years if they don't get a new stadium. As a soccer fan and a Baltimore fan I've kind of been rooting for that. Please don't hate me.