Saturday, August 11, 2012

What are friends for??

As stated in my last two posts I met up with my fellow blogger and co worker Kirk from Eutaw Street Cardboard when the National Sports Collectibles Convention was in Baltimore last week, and if you all read his stuff you know that he is questing for every Oriole autograph of anyone who suited up and played in a game.

We were walking around the show Thursday near closing and Kirk had stopped at just about a dozen booths and asked the same question each time...

"Do you have any Curt Schilling or Sammy Sosa autographs?"

To which every single one replied...


Kirk told me that these two guys were some of the toughest to get and as you know he not only wants their autograph, but on an Orioles card.

Well last Monday I was scanning ebay and I found a Schilling auto on an Orioles card that had a VERY reasonable price and also came with JSA authentication.

So I sent him a text to give him the heads up...

"Hey man, check this out... it has an hour left..."

No response... Hmmm....

So I went to his blog and checked his want list and recent posts and by all accounts it looked like he still very much needed this card.

So I called him.... No answer...

Well now this thing has 20 minutes left... decision time...

Hell, I'm going to buy this thing and do what a good friend would do!

So I stalked it until it literally had 12 seconds left and place my top dollar bid... and I won!

Check it out...

And here is the JSA authentication

The sticker with matching certificate

Well it turns out Kirk actually ended up getting his Schilling Auto on the last day of the event.  Which is GREAT for him.  After talking he told me he knew another collector who was collecting the Orange spring training uniforms and agreed that he would just pay me back what I spent and help out himself with a trade.


What are friends for??

Till Next Time...


  1. Thanks again Nick. Just let me know what I owe.

    1. $8.50 was the total... if you just wanna give me $8 we'll call it even.