Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

So I took a half day off of work this afternoon due to the fact that I'm working Saturday and decided to peak in the Goodwill on my way home.  If you remember from an earlier post I found that old Remco Baseball Board which now has some nice game used/ auto cards displayed on it and hangs on my wall in the Cave.

Well the Baseball Gods were smiling at me again today as the Goodwill came through with something I actually needed.

The Baltimore Orioles are doing a Statue this year of each of the 6 HOF players to have their numbers retired in what they are calling the Legends Celebration Series.  So far they've done Frank Robinson, Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, and just this past weekend Eddie Murray.  They still have Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks Robinson left to unveil.

So I got tickets to the Robinson game but couldn't go and gave them to a buddy who got me a statue... On Earl night I had another friend who went and just plain didn't want his so he gave me that one as well.  Of course I didn't make it for either of the next two but still wanted to collect all 6 statues. 

Well last week I ran in to the buddy who got me the Earl statue (which I still need to pick up) and he told me he was just going to give me both of them, and I said sweet!  Well it turned out my co-worker went this past weekend and got two Eddie Murray statues and he needs a Weaver so we will swap so that I now have 3 out of the 4 that have been given out so far.


Check out what I just grabbed from Goodwill that now gets me current on my Orioles Statues....

This little gem only cost me $10!  Can't beat that price.  They're currently going for around $15-$20 on average on the Electronic Bay...

Not bad for some off day Goodwill Hunting!

Here is a quick little tour of the Legends Picnic Area at Camden Yards. Eddie, Jim, Earl, and Frank.

Till Next Time...

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