Monday, August 27, 2012

Can't rain all the time...

YAY! My first contest for my loyal fan base of a couple dozen! 
So a while back my buddy Rob scored a pair of club level seats to yesterdays game and asked me if I wanted to go since he knows how much I love dem O's.  He being a Philly fan decided it would be best to go to a Baltimore game with a legit fan and I was apparently the first person he thought of.  I hadn't seen Rob in over a year as it was so I jumped at the opportunity and he met me at my house early Sunday morning.  
We went down to a light rail station outside of Towson and took it in to Baltimore and got to the stadium nice and early.  The goal was to see batting practice, but they never took the field in anticipation of the weather.  Now I knew we were expecting some rain... but I didn't think it would be any type of weather that would postpone the game.  So since we were super early and didn't have batting practice to watch we headed up to the new center field bar and got a nice early morning beverage!

Rob and I mean muggin at the Center Field Bar... The place was awesome and has a great view looking out over Left Center Field to the left of the Center Field Score Board.
Go ahead... Check out the view... Drink it in...

While your having a drink of Baltimore's finest brew...
Natty Boh of course!
So we chilled at the bar and got some food as well until we decided to grab our seats.  I didn't realize how great the seats were since I usually sit up where nose bleeds occur all too often, but was pleasantly surprised when I realized we had to walk through club level where all the corporate fat cats go to sit in their box seats.  We made it to our section and had the two end seats in the second row... Prime foul ball territory.  I was jacked and ready for a good game and was hoping upon hope that I'd get the chance at my first foul ball.
Which would explain why I missed the rolling storm clouds right above my head.  Needless to say the game's start time came and went and they announced a delay as their radar showed in coming storm clouds.
No big deal... Right???
About 5 minutes after the game should've began a light rain started to fall...
That's cool I thought... 30 minutes this thing'll pass and were playing ball!
Over an hour in to our delay... and boom...
Boo!  Note this was a day game.  This was about 2:40pm and it looked like it was 7:30pm outside.  It was at this time that I busted out the I phone and checked the upcoming schedule and saw the Blue Jays were coming back to town in late September.  So Rob and I cut bait and prayed they'd just postpone the game...
And so they did!  I almost decided to just grab some baseball cards instead but clearly the baseball gods were not with me this day and decided to stay away from the shop.  The game will be played on a Monday and I will sure as shit be there!  Hopefully Rob can take off and come with, but if not i'll be taking Mrs. Basic Woogenomics.
About that contest!
First person to name the movie where that line comes from
"Can't rain all the time"
gets a card from the collection!
What card you ask???
Let's just say a Player to be named later, lol.  It'll be legit though!
Good Luck!
Thanks for reading and remember...
Can't rain all the time!


  1. I think the movie has to be about 20 years old now(WOW) but it came from the classic The Crow.

  2. Kirk with the head first slide wins the contest! However I work with you and if you haven't checked yet, your card is in your mailbox at admin so instead of getting a prize you just don't owe me $8 for that card.

    Mariner1... Congrats my friend and thanks for reading. Send me your info and i'll hook you up. email me at