Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Pulls Part 1

So I wrote on New Years Day that I'd post something soon, and low and behold today is the 17th and I was totally like...


I haven't posted anything in a while!  So I decided early on today that I would get my act together and post.  Must've been something in the stars or my coffee because when I came home I had a sweet little envelope in the mail box.

So i'll start with that little adventure.

Back in December my boss had hooked up all the managers in his area with a nice little $25 giftcard and took us out to breakfast.  It wasn't a big deal nor was it expected and I really didn't know what I'd want to pick up with the gift card. 

I had a feeling that compared to the Christmas before I was in for a smaller year when it came to baseball cards.

Not complaining of course... just that last Christmas was a big year with big pulls and this past Christmas I'd have been foolish to expect the same luck. 

So I decided that I'd have a go at picking up some gaurunteed hits and ensure myself some nice additions to the collection.  Or so I thought...

The gift card would go towards 2012 Leaf Pete Rose The Living Legend Baseball cards.  Each box garaunteed an autograph or redemption for a relic autograph.

However when I opened my box and packs I got NO such hit.  Naturally I was slightly crest fallen, but decided to just get ahold of customer service and see if I couldn't get it straightened out.  Now, I knew Leaf had been bought out by someone else but beyond that hadn't dealt much with them.  So I was surprised to find that they didn't have a customer service department like Topps.  No email communication, just a phone number.  When I called said phone number I got a specific person and her voicemail.  Not a good feeling to be honest.  But I left a message anyway with my situation and thought this would be a lost cause. 
However I got a call back about a week later from that young lady and we spoke about the box and she asked if it had the original packaging and all that.  I informed her I'd been collecting for a while and felt like I didn't buy a box that had been tampered with and she told me to just go ahead and send in the UPC and serial number from the box and she would get me my card. 
I was very impressed.  I went in to this thinking it was a long shot to get my replacement and I was wrong.  This just goes to show that the smaller companies do just a good job, if not better (i'm talking to you Topps!  10 Months to send me that friggin Sketch Card!).  Here is my new Pete Rose Auto.... A welcome addition since I had recently traded away the other one from my collection.
I really like the card and the candid photo of Pete reading what I assume is the sports section.  Most likely checking up on the scores for games he had bet on the night before, lol.  Still a HOF in my book.
WOOGIES NOTE:  So I started writing this a few days ago but found trouble uploading photos, but my brilliant wife discovered if I switched from Compose format to HTML format that I could upload photos that way.  Its a pain in the a$$.  So I'm going to break this post up.
I hope you enjoyed my Pete Rose update and stay tuned for the Christmas Pulls.

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