Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Pulls Part Deux

And I'm back!  In our last installment I told you of the riveting story of my Pete Rose autograph that wasn't and then was.  Thank goodness for good customer service!

In the timeline of pulls the Pete Rose autograph came last, but actually should've come first.  So moving forward my next batch of pulls came from a box of 2012 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box.  I pulled some nice cards, but no Bryce Harper rookies...  In fact this whole year I hadn't pulled a single one of them.  So here is what I did pull...

A.J. Burnett Golden Moments jersey card (slightly frayed)

World Series Pin of Bill Mazeroski. I like this card alot since the 1960 World Series is the series in which he hit a Walk Off Home Run in Game 7 against those gawd damned Yankees.

Lastly a Golden Moments autograph of Alexi Rameriez.
A couple weeks after I busted that box I found myself at my parents house for Christmas eve.  I had asked my parents to get me a box of cards and while they have in the past, they declined this year and instead got me a nice dress jacket instead for work.
I loved the jacket and all but on a side note...
Clothing for work is just not a great Christmas present.  My job requires me to wear a suit everyday, so I will buy these items out of necessity.  Getting those items for a Christmas and or Birthday present is the equivalent of giving a kid his school uniform for his big gift.
So now that I sound like a rotten spoiled jerk I'll reiterate that I loved the jacket!
I did get a gift card for $25 to Amazon with a little note that said "for the perfect baseball card" from the parents so all was not lost.
So I hit the internets and decided to try and sift through pages and pages of single cards for sale on Amazon to come up with my perfect card.  I decided I needed a HOF player I didn't have a relic card of, it had to cost less than book value, and preferably a jersey card over a bat card.
Here is what I came up with!
I went with Stan because (as previously posted) I discovered through a baseball card that he actually served in the Navy during World War II and was stationed in my hometown of Port Deposit, MD.  This card is now even more special to me with the passing of Stan this past Saturday.
My day was already crushed early on when I found out that the Earl of Baltimore, that is, the great Earl Weaver passed away passed away early Saturday morning.  So when I found out that Stan Musial passed away the same day I decided to crush a few cold ones and howl at the moon.
So with that I'll end this post and will do part 3 soon!
Rest in Peace Earl and Stan.
Till next time
Stan Musial (in Bainbridge uniform) 1920-2013

Earl Weaver "The Earl of Baltimore" 1930-2013

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