Saturday, February 15, 2014

Help a blogger out

Did blogger change recently to make it impossible to upload photos?

I can load them to be selected but when I go to post them I get a multi colored circle and it just gets stuck.  No photos.

Any help out there to be had?


  1. First thought it the format of the image. I haven't had issues recently, so I wonder if something changed in the type of file you are trying to post.

  2. No issues lately on this side of the country. Hope you're able to fix the issue. I know that I have different results when I publish on Firefox, compared to Safari. Maybe try a different browser?

  3. I can upload the pictures, but when I click to add the photo nothing happens and then it gets stuck on the upload screen with a small circle in the middle that changes different colors. I have to refresh the whole browser and try again, but no dice. I'm still using JPEG too... no change there and I'm not sure I have another browser on this laptop to choose from. We only use explorer. I guess i'll try from another computer at some point.