Friday, September 21, 2012

A Damn Good Friday!

So today was a damn good Friday!

It has been with out a doubt one of the most excellent ways to start off what is sure to be a great weekend!

A 3 day weekend to be specific!

I'm off Monday as I will be attending the Orioles double header against the Blue Jays from my wash out about a month ago... and am totally amped!  This means I can also stay up late Sunday night to hopefully watch the Ravens pound the Patriots on Sunday Night Football.

However what made today such an excellent day is the fact that I was one of the lucky ones....


That's right folks!  Today I bought 4 tickets to Game 1 (at Camden Yards) of the ALDS!  Last week I entered the lottery for the chance to buy play off tickets and received an email last night with a special code to be able to purchase tickets for either the Wild Card game or Game 1 2 or 3 of the ALDS in Baltimore. 

I passed on the Wild Card game because in my heart of hearts I believe the Birds can over take the Yankees and win the East and for go playing in the Wild Card Game.  Now being able to go to Game 1 will either be the actual first game of the ALDS or the 3rd game of the ALDS.  BEST CASE scenario the Birds go on the road first and win the first two games and I get to watch them win the ALDS in Game 3 at home.

Regardless... I'm just amped for the chance to go to a play off game in Baltimore!  I really can't wait!

I also was able to pick up another card for the Lineage collection!  I wanted to try to get this in a trade with one of my readers but I got the feeling it wasn't going to really happen and I found it at a super good price so I jumped on it!

It's a great looking card and I believe makes for a total of 32/100 Mini Relic Cards.  I plan to do a major update on the Lineage Project very soon!  All in good time.
For now I'm content watching the Orioles beat the Sox 2-1 right now and hopefully sweep those guys this weekend! 
Till Next Time!

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