Friday, September 21, 2012

I Found $50...

Worth of Baseball Cards!  Rookie Cards to be exact.

So after watching my Orioles finish off the Red Sox I took the wife up to bed as she had passed out early in the 6th and really didn't know what to do.  It was about 10:30pm and I just wasn't tired.

I decided I'd crack a brew and head down to the Cave and work on one of my final projects.  I recently installed a bar and have been planning on doing a baseball card collage bar top.  I'm still in the lay out stage and it's driving me crazy.  Who knew it would be this difficult for me!  Anywho... my attention toward the project started to wane and I found myself gravitating towards my card catalog.

I had just picked up a new Beckett and really hadn't thumbed through the drawers in a while so I decided I'd just do some browsing to see if I had any thing nice that I wasn't really aware of.

Turns out I did!  The collection is pretty vast (although I know it pales in comparison to many other collectors) and I find I continue to add to it with out actually knowing what is in it.  So cards that I had purchased what feels like not too long ago have actually been buried under a mass of new product that I continue to acquire on a monthly basis. 

So tonight with nothing really on TV I decided to see if I could find anything of interest and I actually came up with a few Super Star Rookie Cards I really didn't know I had.

First player I'll bring up is Evan Longoria.  When Upper Deck came out with its Masterpiece Line I fell in love.  The canvas cards felt awesome and the art work looked amazing.  I bought some of the product from both 2007 and 2008.  So looking through my 2008 stack I came across a pair of his rookies from that set.

Book value on this is $5... but I found 2 of them and puts me at $10...
then I stumbled on an even better Longoria rookie that I had no clue was in my collection!
This is from 2006 Bowman Heritage and is No. BHP (Bowman Heritage Prospect) 76
This card books at $10 right now, but again I found 2 of them!  Too cool...
Now I'm up to $30...
However I went back to the Master Piece Line and looked through my 2007 stack and found this bad ass rookie!
This would be my ONLY Tim Lincecum rookie card in my collection and until tonight I didn't even know I had it!  This also books at $10.
However my night wasn't over yet!  I stumbled on this last rookie from Topps 52
This is a 2006 Topps 52 Dynamic Duos Matt Kemp and James Loney Rookie Card.  This Kemp RC actually books higher then his base rookie card from this same set and is currently at $10.
I do believe that is the only Kemp rookie I have also.  Honestly, who knows what other gems I have sitting in that catalog... turns out that I sure don't!  Hopefully in 20 years these $50 finds turn in to a couple hundred dollar finds!  Only time will tell. 
Until then...
I'll keep searching... you keep reading...

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