Friday, September 28, 2012

HELP! Lineage Project

This is a call to arms!  Not really anyway.  I just spend time watching the Orioles kick the Red Sox ace in the first 5 innings (up 7-1 at the moment) while going through my Lineage collection and updating my master check list and I thought maybe it's time to put out a wanted list to make it easier on your eyes.  If anyone has any of these cards I NEED them.  So help a blogger out!  If you have any Diamond, Platinum, or 75 mini cards i'll ask you to look at my list for those or just tell me what you have if you don't feel like checking.  I will list the inserts I still need below.  As always... I'll make trades for all of them!

Lineage Venezualin I need...

TV1 Derek Jeter
TV9 David Wright
TV10 Troy Tulowitzki
TV11 Clayton Kershaw
TV17 Joe Mauer
TV20 Ryan Braun
TV22 Jose Bautista
TV23 Adam Dunn

Lineage Box Toppers I need...

TG1 Albert Pujols
TG4 Joe Mauer
TG5 Derek Jeter
TG7 Joey Votto
TG8 Ichiro
TG9 Miguel Cabrera
TG12 Josh Hamilton
TG15 David Wright
(The only relic version I have is Evan Longoria, so if you have any of those I'll trade as well)

Lineage 3D

T3D1 Ichiro
T3D3 Ryan Howard
T3D4 Mark Teixeira
T3D5 Joe Mauer
T3D8 Joey Votto
T3D9 Adrian Gonzalez
T3D10 Alex Rodriguez
T3D11 David Wright
T3D12 Carl Crawford
T3D13 Miguel Cabrera
T3D15 Evan Longoria
T3D16 Jason Heyward
T3D17 Kendry Morales
T3D20 Josh Hamilton
T3D24 Derek Jeter
T3D25 Albert Pujols

(I don't have any of the "experimental" SP versions... i'll take those as well)

Lineage Cloth Stickers

TCS2 Derek Jeter
TCS3 Buster Posey
TCS6 Cal Ripken Jr.
TCS8 George Sisler
TCS9 Hanley Ramirez
TCS10 Stan Musial
TCS11 Jackie Robinson
TCS12 Ryan Howard
 TCS14 Hunter Pence
TCS15 Mike Schmidt
TCS16 Nolan Ryan
TCS17 Duke Snider
TCS18 Reggie Jackson
TCS19 Alex Rodriguez
TCS21 Carl Crawford
TCS22 Troy Tulowitzki
TCS24 Al Kaline
TCS26 Eddie Murray
TCS27 Tris Speaker
TCS28 Evan Longoria
TCS29 Honus Wagner
TCS30 Babe Ruth
TCS32 Ty Cobb
TCS33 Cy Young
TCS34 Hank Aaron
TCS35 Chipper Jones
TCS36 Ichiro
TCS37 Roy Halladay
TCS38 Jason Heyward
TCS39 Joe Mauer
TCS40 Tim Lincecum
TCS42 Miguel Cabrera
TCS43 Adrian Gonzalez
TCS44 Ryan Braun
TCS45 Robinson Cano
TCS46 Bob Gibson
TCS47 Tom Seaver

(yeah... i need alot of those...)

Lineage Rookies

TR3 Brent Morel
TR4 Aroldis Chapman
TR18 JP Arencibia
TR20 Brett Wallace

Lineage Stand Ups

TS1 Jose Bautista
TS3 Albert Pujols
TS4 Felix Hernandez
TS6 Ryan Howard
TS8 Jason Heyward
TS9 Ryan Braun
TS11 Miguel Cabrera
TS12 Adam Dunn
TS15 Carlos Gonzalez
TS16 Mike Stanton
TS17 Matt Kemp
TS19 Alex Rodriguez
TS20 Roy Halladay
TS22 Hank Aaron
TS24 Juan Marichal
TS25 Sandy Koufax

You can also check out my relic check list and I'm up for any trades on them as well.  Thanks for looking... hopefully I can atleast knock off one or two more off this list from this post alone!  Thanks!

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  1. I have 5 from your list as well as some parallels and relics I would be willing to trade. Email me at if you are interested. Good luck with your quest.