Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday Night Lights!!!

What an amazing time to be a Baltimore Fan!  The Orioles are playing amazing baseball and have made believers out of the entire city.  Even if we don't make the play offs... WHICH WE WILL... these birds have given me more hope for the future then I thought possible. 

Now its also football season and so far the Ravens are looking like the real deal... and if you don't think Joe Flacco is for real then call your doctor and get a check up because your sick!

I'm actually going to the Orioles vs Rays game tomorrow and I already took Monday off on the 24th to hit up the double header against the Jays from my rain out of a couple weeks ago.  Its shaping up to be a really nice fall in Baltimore!

I actually got some mail today from my brother from another mother in Arizona...  Mr. Aaum Woogrow. 

Aaum and I have always been pretty tight, but I must say that collecting cards has brought us closer together and its to the point that we keep an eye out for sweet deals that we know the other couldn't pass up.  It's because of this relationship that I now have a couple new cards to add to the collection and both are fuggin sweet!

I got a call about a week or so ago and Aaum told me about a card show going on at his local shop and that a guy had a few super nice deals on some Oriole cards and that he had already made the decision to pick them up.  I talked to him on my way home from work today and he told me he had mailed them on Saturday.  Cool I thought... I'll get'em by Wednesday! 

Well apparently the post man was bored and needed something to do because the package was already on my table when I got home.  I couldn't believe it... dropped in the mail in AZ on Saturday and in my mail box in MD on Monday.  Get a load of my mail day!

I'll start with this nice short print of the Iron Man... Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr.

This card is really nice and is numbered 442/500.
Next are a pair of autographed cards from Brian Roberts.  B Rob may be done by all accounts in Baltimore but the man meant a helluva lot to Baltimore at a time when we didn't have much to celebrate.  He has spent his entire career for the O's and was a 2 time All Star.  I actually got to meet him when I managed down at BWI and he was extremely nice (and has a smokin hot wife too).
((atleast thats what my friends said Mrs. Woogenomics))
Check out this Sweet Spot Auto of B-Rob.  It's actually just like the one I had of Jeter in my Lost Cards File.  Hopefully I get it back in the collection one day!
Serial numbered 67/199!
Next up is the real gem however... Check this card out!
SP Authenic Auto Letter numbered 9/14.  Just a beautiful looking card!  If it looks a little scuffed up its because the case has a scuff on it, but the card is pristine!
I did end up paying it forward to Aaum with a nice game used hockey card which doesn't sound like a fair exchange at all... and it's not.  I owe you one Aaum!
Thanks for reading...


  1. Real sick post, bro. I love these cards a lot. big pulls, sick deal, do it for you every time, partner.

    1. Thanks Woogrow! HAHA, I also went through and corrected the spelling of your name... Aaaaauuuum. lol