Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Happy Father's Day with 2013 Topps Archives

Happy Father's Day out there to all my fellow Dads!

This one was my first and it's been a great one.  Although my little girl is only 5 weeks old she must have known what was up because she actually slept through the night and has been taking a lot of naps today to allow me and the wife to enjoy our day. 

Not that we don't enjoy our day when she is up, but it's nice to watch a whole movie with out pausing in the middle. 

So I was a happy camper when I got a nice card from my wife and another one from my daughter as well as a giant picture of my little girl and a few of just the two of us hanging in her bedroom.  It was a very thoughtful project by my wife. 

After I got my cards and pictures I was treated to breakfast and a lazy morning in front of the TV.  Around 1pm I snuck out to this amazing diner in Baltimore called the Broadway Diner.  It has been featured on Diner's Drive In's and Dives on the Food Network and is one of my favorite spots to take my wife.  Since she was staying at the house with our daughter I went to grab us lunch.  I'll be honest though, it wasn't all about food!  Our favorite diner is about half a mile from a little baseball card shop. 

I didn't buy a whole box but I ended up walking out with at least half a busted box of 2013 Topps Archives.  I did well and pulled some nicer cards and even 1 autograph.  I'm not going to go through all the pulls I hit but I'll do the highlights.

I'll start with the autograph!
John Mayberry was an All Star for the Royals in 73 and 74 and hit for the cycle in 1977.  His son is now playing for the Phillies and Sr. was inducted in to the Royals Hall of Fame in 1996.
While it's not a huge pull it's cool that you at least get somewhat of a name when you pull an auto from Archives instead of a possible prospect that may never make it like you might get in other sets.
What I really enjoy from Archives are the inserts!  I was lucky to pull a number of them.  Here are some of my favorites!
I also pulled a couple Yankees sets with Ruth, Gehrig, and Jeter, and quad pitcher set including Koufax and Kershaw.
I really like the Griffey Basketball insert
I also pulled a Gallery of Heroes Albert Pujols and a redemption for a vintage card at my local hobby shop.  I'll update the blog with what I get from that but the ones I've seen pulled are in horrible condition and nothing to be proud of.  Since I'm going to take the redemption in to the shop I plan to take some 80's cards in and trade them in for Series 2 packs!
If you're collecting Archives or like the Mayberry autograph hit me up and we can work out a trade.
Till next time...
Thanks for reading and Happy Father's Day!

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