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So being a new father has brought many a challenge. One of them being finding time to post up on this bad ass blog of mine.  Okay... so maybe it's not that B A and god knows I've never posted up on anyone in my life.

But I digress...

I'm excited to report that I have dealt away the awesome Gypsy Queen pull for a slew of cards that I'm happy to now include in my collection. 

Just to remind everyone out there, here is the sweet sweet Yoenis Cespedes 5/5 mini wood parallel card that can now be found in my gone but not forgotten page.

This card is now in my friend and co worker Karl's collection.
In exchange he set me up with the following.
I'll lead off with a graded 10 Cal Ripken Jr. 1987 Donruss base card!
I know right... that card is siiiiiick! (lol, if you don't have sarcasm glasses on right now then you just can't read this properly)
But for serious
Here was the main jewel of the trade.  I'm VERY stoked to add this to my collection!

2011 Bowman Manny Machado Prospect Autograph
Today this has a book value of $60 but I personally feel like he has way more upside then Cespedes and I'd honestly have taken this card straight up for the mini wood parallel.  However I got a hell of a lot more then just that.  Check it out!

So my buddy used to work for the grounds crew at Camden Yards and was able to meet a ton of players and grab autos.  This is of course an Ivan Rodriguez auto and was absolutely my role model growing up.  All I wanted to do growing up was play catcher in "The Bigs" and he was a huge reason why.  I'll settle for collecting cards instead!

Here's an on card auto of Bobby Witt.  Bobby of course wasn't a stellar player but has a few cool distinctions including striking out 4 batters in one inning as well as getting a WS ring with the 2001 World Series Champ Arizona Diamondbacks.

This auto of John Wetteland features a scripture underneath it but I can't exactly tell which one.  Once I figure it out I'll read it and see what Johnny was preaching.  Wetteland had his career year in 1996 when he won a World Series MVP with those goddamn Yankees.  Aside from that he also was named to the All Star team and was the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year in that same season.  Wetteland moved on from the Yankees (some guy named Mariano was apparently waiting in the wings) and finished his career out with Texas and was an All Star twice more in 98 and 99.  He has since been inducted in to the Rangers Hall of Fame.

 This autograph of John Olerud is slightly faded but is another excellent addition to my collection.  Olerud had his best season in 1993 when he not only won his second World Series title with the Blue Jays but was also named to the All Star team, won the AL batting title and the Hutch Award.  Although he couldn't match the success he had in 1993 he was still an excellent ball player winning a Gold Glove in 2000, 2002, and 2003 and being named to his second All Star team in 2001.

This card features the autograph of one Ryan Minor who's claim to fame was replacing Cal Ripken Jr. at third base the day the Iron Man broke his streak.  Minor's career didn't really pan out but make no mistake he was an athlete.  Minor was even drafted in the second round of the NBA after a stellar college career but opted instead for baseball.

Here is a card I actually like as well.  An official Topps Certified auto of Ryan Mills.  I know what most of you are thinking... who the fug is Ryan Mills.  Mills was the first round draft pick of the Minnesota Twins in 1998 draft and never even sniffed a cup of coffee at the highest level.  He now carries the distinction of "The worst draft pick ever by the Minnesota Twins"
Welcome to the catalog Ryan... I'll keep you buddy!

This Rich Harden auto is cool for the fact that Harden's claim to fame is pitching an immaculate inning.  As good as I think I am at baseball on the PS3 I've never pitched one myself... so doing it in real life has got to be damn hard.  So consider me damn impressed!

At this point in the blog I know what you're thinking...
"Woogie got all of this for that mini wood card?!"
You bet your balls I did!  And I know you got'em cause ain't know way I've kept a woman's attention this long gushing about baseball cards and the players who appear on them.
The card above is from last years Archives and features Jack "The Ripper" Clark.  Jack Clark was obviously good enough to be considered a fan favorite for inclusion in this set and was a 4x All Star and won 2 Silver Slugger Awards.
That wraps it up for the autographs... I also picked up these two cards.
Don Mattingly Silver Slugger Trophy card from this years Topps Series 1.  Normally I don't like these cards that much, but this happens to have the highest book value (as well as others in the set) for this type of card.

And lastly this card I almost didn't even include in the post but I did get it in the trade so I'll give ol' Keith Reed his due and put him in the post.
So all that for the Cespedes.  Like I said... I'd have been happy with just the Machado and to be honest the Pudge auto.  The rest were all icing on the cake.  Feel free to leave me comments to let me know if you think I made out okay on the deal.
Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for the next trade post. 
Till next time

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