Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm Baaaaack... (kinda)

Hey everybody!  Long time no post!

It's official... I'm a daddy now!

On May 11th at 12am on the dot my wife and I welcomed our daughter Julia Ruth Malone in to the world and our family.  As I write this post my wife and daughter are currently taking nap together on the couch and I can say that I am officially a changed man.

Hopefully my love of baseball and collecting cards will bite my daughter one day as hard as it bit me when I was an 8 year old boy.  It's not impossible anyway.  Only time will tell!

In my hiatus from posting I did acquire some cool new stuff.  Of course I broke fast and posted about the Cespedes card because it was a huge pull and is still sitting on ebay.  If it doesn't sell I will almost undoubtedly trade it away.  I have a friend that used to work for the Baltimore Orioles and I may be able to get some legit memorabilia from him.  We'll see!

I also pulled off a lineage trade.  It's slow going building this set as I knew it would be and of course my interest has waned slightly but this was a great trade for both parties involved and I enjoy helping another collector with their pursuits.

I previously had this beautiful Reggie Jackson in my collection...

It is a card that is hard to find apparently and I was lucky to have it in my collection for as long as I did, but am happy to send it to an even better home.  A collector contacted me who is trying to not only get the entire mini relic set but all of it's variations and for the Reggie Jackson that included at least 3 all by itself including this one.  For him it was a must have and he cut me a deal I couldn't refuse.  Yes, I loved this card, but would be just as happy to get an all yellow swatch added to my collection and have seen them readily available on ebay.  I'll get Reggie back, maybe just not this sweet green and white swatch. 

I did get 5 needed cards in return including a big ticket mini relic.  Check them out!

Up first are Elvis Andrus and Ricky Romero

Followed by Marlon Byrd and Brian McCann. 
Here was the corner stone of the trade for me!

This Nolan Ryan relic is not only my first Ryan memorabilia item, but was a must have.  I just love the seam in the middle of the swatch!  Couldn't beat this trade!
Not a bad deal for both parties!
That's all from me for now!  Stay tuned for an update on my finished bar top!  I recently took it to a friend who is doing the finish on top of the bar and should be ready before Memorial day!  Can't wait to show it off!
Till then... time to change some diapers!


  1. sweet Nolan, and congrats on fatherhood!

  2. Congratulations, Dad. Best news there can be. Now, you get to find out how much a human can do on one or two hours of sleep--a lot, surprisingly.