Monday, May 27, 2013

Lost Cards Slew!

So I didn't want to do it this way.  I had every intention of trading to get back my Lost Cards, but to be honest the offers have been very few and far between.  I even sought trades from people listing cards on ebay and was able to get back the Brooks Robinson Heritage auto this way, but mostly people are looking for cold hard cash instead of a different card to sell.

So I came up with a loop hole... you can call bull shit if you want.  Just leave it in the comments.

So here is the loop hole.  I decided to help a friend out selling his stuff on ebay and thought I'd get rid of a few items myself.  I never sold anything on ebay before but it turned out to be very easy!  One of the items I sold was a drill that sold for much more then I thought it would. 

I didn't think I'd get much for it and had no plans for the money I'd make off of said drill and decided to turn it in to Lost Cards.  So I consider it a "blockbuster" sort of trade!  I traded my drill to a buyer who then traded his money to several other buyers who in turn traded me Lost Cards.  Savvy?

Join me in welcoming home these 4 Lost Cards!

Welcome home Brooks Robinson  1993 Ted Williams Collection BR3!

Hey! Nice to see you too Brooks Robinson 2002 Topps Archives Reserves TRR-BR

Now it's a party! Come on in Jim Palmer 1994 Nabisco All Star Legends!
Last but certainly not least!
Cal Ripken Jr 2003 Sweet Spot SJ-CR
This officially only leaves 6 Lost Cards left to find.  Once they're recovered then I guess I've fulfilled the purpose of this blog, but I doubt very much I will retire it.  Too many awesome people and trades have come about from this bad boy and it's just nice to know people out there exist who can relate to the type of passion I have when it comes to this "kids" hobby.
Thanks for reading and all the support!
Till next time...


  1. The plot thickens! My desire for you to obtain the Lost Cards is inexplicably insatiable. I'm not even a collector. Oh well. I'm hooked.

  2. Basic Woogenomics stats: a trade is a trade is a trade, homeboy.

  3. Looks great - and do what you gotta do to get those cards back!

    Been falling behind on my blog readings lately. Congrats on the baby!!!

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