Sunday, May 26, 2013


A while back I posted about my Man Cave being nearly complete.  Complete enough to show off to the world anyway!  You may recall the one thing I needed to complete was the bar top. 

I had set down a collage of cards on the bar top and glued them all down.  The only thing left was to put a clear resin coat on top and seal them in.

Those of you who follow this blog know that I am a DIY kinda guy and am glad this one time I reached out to a professional for help!

Here is a picture of the bar top pre resin!

About a month ago I sent it to my buddy Tom who is a true professional to put the resin top on.  I was blown away by the results and know for a fact that I could never have accomplished this on my own.
Check out Tom's results and my new bar top!
These photos don't do enough justice!  You can really see the light shine off of the resin top.  The results are just beautiful.

This is a great shot from the corner and you can really see just how nice the finish is!

Lastly is a view from the end of the bar looking out.  I can't boost enough about Tom and the job he did.  I could never have achieved these results on my own.  I should mention that Tom and his better half Tina went above and beyond when they had to re glue all of the cards because the stuff I used wasn't strong enough.
Check Tom and Tina out at
They do amazing work and will forever be my go to for any future framing needs!
Stay tuned for upcoming posts about trades in the work and potentially a Lost Card(s) being recovered!?
Thanks for reading!


  1. That is very cool. I can't imagine any one of us not wanting something like that in our man caves.

    1. Thanks man! I hope it inspires others to turn ordinary items in to art work. Great way to use extra duplicates!

  2. Wow... great idea for a bar top. Although you scared me for a second. At first, I thought you had glued down vintage superstars. Glad to see you ended up using Archives or whatever reprint set that is.

  3. @ Fuji, a mix of "cards your mom threw out", Archives, and All Time Fan Favorites. Some of them had a little value. Non over $10 I'm sure though. I think it makes it all the more appealing using iconic cards as opposed to run of the mill commons.