Friday, May 24, 2013

New Collecting Goal: 2010 Topps T 206 Mini Booklet Relics

2010 Topps 206 was a fun set to collect for me and I was lucky to get a couple boxes for Christmas the year it came out.  I never pulled anything better then a Johnny Podres Caramel Autograph card (which has been traded) but I loved the set and still have it in the library catalog waiting to be organized. 

The cards I wanted to pull most in the set were the Mini Booklet relic cards.  There are 25 of them in the checklist and I'd love to complete this set.  How many do I have toward my goal you ask?  Only 1...

But if you're going to start the set and only have 1, it's best to start off with this one.

The Ruth Mantle booklet is the highest valued card in the set at $250.  Here is the list of the other 24 cards that I need to collect! If you have any of them please reach out to me and let's work out a trade!  Thanks for looking!

#MBR1 Albert Pujols / Ryan Howard
#MBR2 Prince Fielder / Ryan Braun
#MBR3 Evan Longoria / David Wright
#MBR4 Ichiro Suzuki / Albert Pujols
#MBR5 Joe Mauer / Johnny Bench
#MBR6 Hanley Ramirez / Jimmy Rollins
#MBR7 Adam Jones / Nick Markakis
#MBR8 Tim Lincecum / Zack Greinke
#MBR9 Grady Sizemore / Ichiro Suzuki
#MBR10 Tim Lincecum / Roy Halladay
#MBR11 Ian Kinsler / Gordon Beckham
#MBR12 Chase Utley / Ryan Howard
#MBR13 Shin-Soo Choo / Grady Sizemore

#MBR14 Miguel Cabrera / Prince Fielder
#MBR15 Justin Upton / Matt Kemp
#MBR16 Carlton Fisk / Ivan Rodriguez
#MBR17 David Wright / Jose Reyes
#MBR18 Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier
#MBR19 CC Sabathia / Andy Pettitte
#MBR20 Hanley Ramirez / Dan Uggla
#MBR21 Dustin Pedroia / Kevin Youkilis
#MBR22 Hunter Pence / Josh Hamilton
#MBR23 Prince Fielder / Pablo Sandoval
#MBR24 Joe Mauer / Brian McCann


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  1. I have MBR6 Ramirez/Rollins.. Phillies are generally my PC but I am interested in a few of your trade bait cards:
    Longoria Tier one auto (I would have to give you more then just the book card for this one)
    Ron Santo auto
    Lonnie Smith auto
    Pat Burrell relic

    check out my trade bait (nothing is scanned but if you want any pictures just ask)

    brauer144 at gmail dot com