Thursday, April 12, 2012

Honus Wagner Art

Today was another Mail Day, but a different kind because while it's baseball related, it wasn't baseball cards... It was baseball Art!

Sometimes I just go on the electronic bay and surf around for interesting stuff and I found something a while ago that really caught my interest.  I should say I purchased it a while ago... over a month ago to be matter of fact.  However, I just got the item today.  Turns out that the seller was in a hospital and hadn't been able to ship it for a few weeks and when I got it today I actually found a little bonus... check it out.

This is an original print of the famous Honus Wagner T206 card as painted by artist Angelo Marino done in 1979.  For a bio of the artist check out his website:

First here is a shot of the actual famed baseball card

Here is a shot of the painting I received

Pretty neat looking I think...  It was also signed and numbered out of /900

Angelo Marino


Oh yeah, that bonus item happened to be an extra copy also signed, but not numbered.  Both are the same in size and measure 30x17 and are printed on 120lbs Paper with a semi matte finish.  Being over 30 years old, both are in great condition.  I plan to hang the numbered one up above the card catalog in the Cave. 

The other is available for a trade if anyone is interested.  Let me know!

Until next time...

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  1. The copy has been claimed. Sorry if anyone else wanted it... It went fast.