Thursday, April 5, 2012


You guessed it!  Today was a MAIL DAY!!!

Interestingly enough the two trades I pulled off come from opposite ends of the continental US (that's the 48 states that all touch each other for my friends who ignored geography at any level of schooling) and surprisingly they both arrived together today!

Even better is the fact that this was all I had in the mail today...

NO BILLS!!! (However, I know they're lurking out there somewhere... bastards)

First I'll start with what I received from Dodgerbobble.  His trade strictly helped me with the Lineage Project.  I only gave up the two cards (the Tampa auto and Dodger bat) but got a bulk of parallels in return.  Some might feel it to be a little lopsided, but I didn't mind as those cards would have just sat in the catalog completely useless to my collection.  I was very happy with what I got in return and was even given some bonus cards which I appreciated very much!  Again, Thanks Dodgerbobble... always open to trading again in the future!  Check out the swag...

I'll start off with the extras he threw in.  I told Dodgerbobble that I liked HOF players and of course my beloved Orioles.  Here is what he sent me in regards to those.

Naturally I had the Snider from the Lineage Project, but the rest are new to the catalogue.  I really got a kick out of the Mantle.  I love the card design.

Here are the Orioles.  Of course Eddie Murray could have gone in either group but I put him with the Orioles since he's rocking their uniform in this card.  Really love the Tettleton card also... Weird that the two cards from the extras I liked best were both Mickey's. 

Here are the Lineage Cards I received from this trade.

4 Diamond Parallels (Hamels, Damon, Young, and Johnson)

Platinum Zambrano

and lastly (and most favorite)

Ripken and Campanella 75 minis

This trade alone brought the base set and parallels from 32.6% to 33.5% or almost a whole percentage point!  Not too bad at all.

So here is what I got in return from Section 36.  Section 36 hooked me up with not only a great amount of Lineage help but most importantly my first Lost Card has been returned.

That's right folks... the whole reason I started this blog.  To get those sweet cards back and I'm happy to say one of them has come back home to my collection.  Check it out!

1994 Nabisco All Star Legends Frank Robinson.

I can't thank Section 36 enough for getting Frank back to me.  I know for a fact that this guys hasn't been reading my blog since I started, so not only did he keep up with my new stuff, but he went back and read my old stuff.  It means a lot getting these cards back and Section 36 now has a trade partner for life.

Now lets get Jim Palmer back and the Nabisco Boys are complete!

Section 36 also crushed it in the way of helping out with the Lineage Project.  Check out these other cards from the trade!

3 more mini relics to add to the collection brings the total to 8 out of 90.  Obviously a long way to go but nearly doubled what I already had.  These mini relics are the whole reason I decided to go for the whole entire set!

4 1975 mini parallels (Dunn, Morel, Alvarez, and Bazooka Jones!)

4 Diamond parallels (Nichioka, McCann, McCutchen, and Cruz)

Platinum parallel Carlos Santana (the 3 rookie cards I also received in the trade but already have and are available for trade if anyone needs them)

and lastly
Venezuelan Castro and 3D Pence

Section 36s total impact came out as follows

Base and Parallels = 270/800 or 33.75 (+1.15%)
Inserts = 43/164 or 26.2% (+1.2%)
Relics = 8/135 or 5.9% (+2.2%)

I know... this is really gripping stuff.
So let me get to the conclusion of this long ass post.

The two trades have helped me take my total Master Master Set Completion from 27.9% (307/1099 cards) to 29.8% (328/1099 cards)

Almost 2% increase in my total collection.  Not too shabby!

Again, Thanks to Section36 and Dodgerbobble and anyone else who stayed awake long enough to read this entire post.

Good night!

See you next time...


  1. Glad the Robinson found its way home. Thanks for the trade!

  2. Nice! An Oriole Lost Card comes back the day before an Orioles opening day victory. Sounds like some Orioles magic. Glad to see it still exists.

  3. I can't believe I missed this post. I'm glad I was able to help you with your project!