Monday, April 30, 2012

Trades, Calling Cards, and more Lineage!

Well I've been averaging 10 posts a month and with today being the last day of April I am getting post 10 in under the wire to keep my average nice and clean looking.  To be honest I'm kinda phoning it in really.  This is a bogus record.  Fact of the matter is that I recently had some trades and I owe it to those guys to give a shout out and flash what I got.  However, if it weren't for that I'd prolly be laying low for a little bit.  Personal matters recently make collecting cards seem kind of foolish at the moment.  I know its not true... but presently non of it seems to matter.  I'll snap out of it soonish I'm sure, but you just may not hear from me for a few is all.

That being said... Let's make this one count!

When I got back from vacation I had wrapped up the final touches on two trades I had in the works.  One helped me with my Lineage collection and another helped someone else with a collection of their own.  Both trades had something strange in common and turned out to be the highlight of each.  It's a two part puzzle... one part from each trade.  So check it out...

First trade came from Fuji over at

He recently started following me and being that I have such a low follow number (20 as of today... a new milestone!) I checked him out and saw that he started a neat collection about Japanese players in order to get in touch with his roots.  I really dug that and am big in to history and looking for all those small connections that help make us all become who we are.  The fabric of life so to speak.  Anywho, I had a few cards that I thought he might appreciate more then what I currently did and offered them up in a trade based off of a card I saw on his trade bait page that intrigued me.

I initially offered him my Iwamura auto and a Sasaki jersey card I had, but he already had another version of the Iwamura, but liked the Sasaki.  So instead I threw in the Koji auto I acquired via trade as I already have a different one that I liked better.

In return I got a 2008 Captured on Canvas Ivan Rodriguez Jersey Card.  I Rod was my role model growing up and all I wanted to every be was a catcher just like him.  This was an easy trade for me and am stoked to add another Irod card to the collection while helping another in his collection as well.

Thats not the best part of this trade.  Attached to the back of this card was this little gem.  Those who know Fuji and have traded with him before are most likely aware of this, but for those not in the know get a taste.

Dude has his own baseball card for his blog.  Too sweet man, Too sweet!  All I can say is that it better be a real auto and that this is getting locked in the card catalog... welcome to the collection Fuji.

My second trade came from my newest blogger buddy Nachos Grande @ and was strictly a lineage trade.  He has some Lineage needs of his own but was able to help me out with some of my needs and I hooked him up with some Gypsy Queen and Chicle that he was looking for.  A great trade for both involved and I'll be looking to hit him up again soon.  However, he too had an excellent throw in that too was the highlight for me. 

Thanks for the trade and even more for the sticker!  It'll hang in the cave for many years to come!

This all got me to thinking... am I missing the boat on a calling card here?  Do alot of Blogs do this sort of thing?  As i've said in the past, i'm still really new to all of this and am just now coming to realize that it might be nice to throw in a little note when I send people their cards in trades... I don't do it, but everyone else has, so I look like a dick.  Not anymore peeps.

Should I do a baseball card myself or perhaps my own stickers?  What would they look like?  I did once pose for a baseball card idea I had called "Business baseball cards".  The idea was to make baseball cards of yourself and put your business contact and personal stats on the back as a way to stand out in the pimping game of personal promotion.  Here is that shot...

I'm not trying to rip Fuji off... its a starting point I guess. (PS: Topps, if you find this photo be in violation of some sort of law or statue, let me know and I'll take it down... and burn it or something... just don't sue me)

Maybe when I get back in to the swing of things I'll have something ready to go... 

Before I head out I wanted to give a quick update on the Lineage relics.  I've got 19 now and counting.  I've recently picked some up off ebay in lots of three for cheap.  At this point I'm just bargain hunting what I can and not over paying for anything since I'll always have a chance to trade for it anyway.  I'm not sure which ones everyone knew about so I'll just post a shot of all of them together.  Good looking group!  Just wait till I get all 100!

The Murray and R.Jackson cards are my favorite since they have the nice color variations.  If you have one I already have, but consider it an upgrade because it has a multi color or pin stripe let me know and lets make a deal!

Thats all I got for now.  Be sure to check out my trade bait page as well.  Its been completely updated and is loaded with goodies I have available for the right trades.

See you in a while...


  1. Dude, you need to get in the self-card game. This is something we could make happen. -Aaum

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