Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lineage Project Update - Box Topper Lot!

So I recently acquired some more cards in my quest for the complete set of Lineage including a relic card, an auto, and a box topper lot!

I went to my card shop a couple of weeks ago with $10 in my pocket so I decided to grab a few packs of lineage.  The shop I go to had just opened a new box to sell by the pack and I grabbed one of the two autos in the box with my three pack picks.  Its not a monster hit, but it covered the cost of the packs and I had also grabbed a couple other inserts I needed so it was a good deal.  Check it out.

Ivan Delock 52 auto reprint.  Played his career mostly with the Redsox, but ended it with the Orioles playing 7 games in 1963.

Then not too long ago I won an auction on ebay for a lot of 7 Lineage Box Toppers and I had zero of them!  The price was right and I set my max at the listed price.  No one else bid and I won!  Total Book Value (BV) of the lot was $56.  I won the lot for $.99!  Very satisfied with that transaction.

Topps Lineage Box Toppers (Top to bottom, Left to Right)
A.Gonzalez, E.Longoria, T.Lincecum, T.Tulowitzki, C.Santana, V.Guerrero, M.Stanton

and lastly I had the chance to pick up this from my local shop as well

Evan Longoria Box Topper Relic 7/64

Still a long road ahead! Any help you guys can find me would be greatly appreciated!

Till next time...


  1. Beautiful Longo! Great additions!

  2. Nice pick ups! I have the Aroldis Chapman refractor and '75 mini if you need them.