Saturday, April 7, 2012

Opening Day!

If you live in Baltimore and listen to talk radio you can't escape it.  It's become the norm.  Everyone here thinks the Orioles are going to stink, and you're treated like a leper if you believe any differently.

I know my team isn't a contender this year, but do I need to feel bad for thinking they have a chance at all for a miraculous year?

You listen to the talking heads on the radio and their voices are filled with sarcasm any time they talk about the Orioles in a positive light.

Well for one day the Orioles made believers out of all of us. 

Nick Markakis hit an opposite field home run in the first inning to take the lead and the team never looked back.  Jake Arrieta threw an excellent 7 inning shut out with some real nasty pitches that baffled the Twins.  They didn't score until the top of the 9th and while it would be easy to ridicule the Orioles for trying to squander the game at the last minute, they didn't and we won!

Last night I also had my opening night for the new softball league I've joined.  One of my co-workers who washes cars and picks up my customers plays and is the only person on the team I really know.  Boy did I knock the socks off the rest of the team when they saw me play.

I'm not the most modest guy I know so I'm not going to try and play this off at all...
I hit two homeruns (one a 3 run and the other a 2 run) and went 7 for 8 in the double header altogether.  I played left center field and played all around good ball, making several nice catches, but more importantly keeping everything in front of me and hitting my cut off everytime.

It felt great!  I haven't played on a team in a few years now and it feels great to be able to just step out on the diamond and produce.  We ended up losing both games (the second by only a run) but we had a blast and I feel like its going to be a fun season.

When I got home I saw I got a comment from a buddy of mine who basically got me in to the blogging community altogether.  You can check him out over at Eutawstreetcardboard.  He sent me a list of Lineage cards he would hook me up with and I basically needed everything he had to offer except for about 8 cards.  This is going to be a huge help to the project and he basically wants nothing in return.  Kirk is an amazing guy and I certainly won't forget his generosity.  I WILL be paying it forward to him when I get the chance.  Once I acquire said cards i'll update the Project page and stats. 

For all those who celebrate it... Happy Easter and have a great holiday!

Untill next time....

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