Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Lineage

So I picked up a few packs of Lineage out of a loose box and hit another autograph.  Gotta LOVE getting the milk without buying the whole cow...

of course you get steak with your milk when you buy the whole cow... but I digress.

Check out what I landed...

3 Diamonds, 2 Platinums, and a 1975 mini

Posey Venezuelan, Minor Rookie, and Zimmerman 52 auto!

 Lastly I picked up the sweetest looking 75 Mini Relic I've added to my collection yet. Its of Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson and is the only relic i've seen of his that had a multi color swatch.  I mean I've seen the gray, yellow and green and white, but this one had the green, white, and green again.  If I hadn't gotten this one I would've picked up an all yellow swatch.  Check it out...

I've gone ahead and updated my master list to reflect all the new additions.  Thanks for keeping up with me.

See ya'll next time...


  1. Check out this trade post from a blog I follow, may be able to help:

  2. Any chance you would part with that Reggie Jackson green/white Lineage relic? I'm making a master relic set with all variations and have never seen another like that. Let me know. Thank you.