Sunday, March 4, 2012

BasicWoogenomics states: You gotta D.I.Y.

So I've already hinted in this blog that I do in fact have a Man Cave and that it is in fact already Baller, but still very much under construction.  Today, I am proud to report that progress has been made on this front.

At approximately 6:15pm last night my wife and I armed with a bag full of material from a Jo Ann Fabrics and a fridge full of beers went to task on an old beat up table with the hopes of resurrecting it into a handsome poker table.

Here's the table as it previously sat in the cave and below is our bounty from the land no man should ever grace... Jo Ann Fabrics

The table had previously belonged to my parents and I had remembered it as being this glorious octagon poker top table that I just needed to have once I left home. All it would need was a little felt on top and it would be perfect for my future man cave. (Yes, I knew then that I would one day require my own unique space to house all of my bullsh!t.  I have amazing foresight)

The table however fell on some hard times and may have had one too many beers spilled on it.  My brother had taken it from the house as temporary furniture and once he met his wife had no longer been using it and it sat in his basement. 

The time finally arrived for me to lay claim to the table as my wife and I finally bought our own house equipped with a unique space for my now massive collection of bullshiz.  However, I became horrified at the sight of the table when I went to pick it up from my brothers house. 

It had been ravaged by house parties thrown by my parents kids and each being more popular then the next (yes... yes I am the youngest) the punishment it received became more and more severe.  The table had keg labels completely adhered to the surface and the octagon center had become warped and brittle.  But as many collectors will relate the sentimental value of the table was too strong for me to pass up and I took it home anyway.  I was going to re-felt the table as promised but I decided I would just have to do the entire table top instead of just the octagon center.

Now, before I really get down to the nuts and bolts I have to put this out there... Non of this would have been possible had it not been for my partner in crime... Mrs.Basicwoogenomics.  She's a real catch fellas and broke alotta hearts when she said Yes to me!

So we went out and picked up green felt for the top as well as some extra material to lay beneath the felt to help reduce the effects of the warped table top and also picked up some brown felt to place under the table to cover up the felted material.  Below is the project in picture form... Enjoy!

First we laid out the batting and trimmed it to fit the table.

Next we stretched and attached the batting with duck tape to the bottom of the table.

We then stretched the felt out and took extra care to iron out the creases.

After it was nice and pressed we put the table on top and trimmed the felt to fit.  The next step was tricky and we really weren't to sure how to attach the felt to the table.  At first we started to try and use a staple gun but it wasn't working out too well.  Eventually my wife mastered this pleating technique and we used small wood nails to attach the felt to the table.  The final product looked great... check it out!

Once we finished the pleats we trimmed away the excess around the base and duck taped it down.  We then took our brown felt and trimmed it to fit the bottom to cover up the pleats.

I decided that instead of trying to cut a neat circle I would trim the felt to match the octagon pattern underneath the table.  The result looked very clean and turned out much better then we expected.

We then decided to use a hot glue gun to attach the brown felt to the base of the table and use furniture tacks to attach the corners of the felt to the corners of the octagon underneath.

Here is a shot of the Mrs. attaching the fabric to the base.

And here is a shot of the table with the furniture tacks.  The completed bottom looked great but we had no idea what the top would look like...

Now for the big unveil...

Wow!!!  It turned out great!  Check out the before and after and get a load of the Poker Corner in my Man Cave!



Stay tuned for my next post about Hank Bauer and Time Magazine...


  1. Too sweet, Woog. Yon man cave is coming along handily, my friend!!!

  2. dude, that table is sick wit it for real.